Batman’s Son Damian Is Leading The Magistrate


DC’s Future State is almost here, and Gotham City will have become corrupted and taken over by the Magistrate regime. Is Damian Wayne behind it?

DC Comics’ new Future State event is coming early next year, and the publisher has already begun to release previews for what lies ahead for the DC Universe. One of the biggest elements that has been learned from these teases is the fate of Gotham City. Apparently in the future, Gotham will become even further corrupted, falling under the control of a dark regime and fascist government known as the Magistrate, and there will be very little Batman or any of his allies can do to stop it. However, who’s behind this new organization? Could it be Damian Wayne, the former Robin and son of Batman who’s currently embarked on a new dark path?

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In the DC Universe’s present, Damian Wayne has left his role as Robin behind (as well as his father) in Teen Titans Annual #2, choosing instead to go dark, taking down criminals with lethal force. Batman was not there for Damian after the death of Alfred, which is what’s motivated Damian to go dark. Additionally, when Superboy Jon Kent innocently took Damian to see the 31st Century and the Legion of Superheroes prior to Damian quitting, the Legionnaires freaked out. They wiped Damian’s memory of his visit and returned him back to the present. They were later seen speaking amongst themselves about Damian, revealing that Damian will become the next Hitler in a future they’re actively trying to prevent.

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Now that Damian is done being Robin and has gone rogue, he could very well be on the path to this dark future the Legion is so worried about. Is it possible that this journey leads to Damian becoming the leader of the Magistrate in DC’s Future State? It certainly seems possible. Damian has yet to be seen or mentioned in any of DC’s previews for Future State. Not only that, an attempt on Batman’s life will be made in the future by someone who knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne. The son of Batman is obviously one of those people, and if he’s gone all the way to leading an oppressive regime that reigns over Gotham, he and his father probably wouldn’t be on good terms.


Despite Bruce surviving and becoming the Dark Detective, a new Batman will rise, with it being heavily rumored that Luke Fox will be donning the cape and cowl. He’ll also be trying to keep criminals alive, as the Magistrate’s policy is to execute criminals on the spot (just like Damian’s current mindset would likely dictate). Furthermore, the previews have shared that Jon Kent – who will be becoming the new Superman of Earth – will be terrified that his own city of Metropolis could go down the same road Gotham has under the rule of the Magistrate. Is this fear compounded by the fact that it’s his own former best friend Damian who’s responsible? It would make sense.

While nothing has been confirmed and this is purely speculative conjecture, there’s no denying that the pieces are all there. Damian leading the Magistrate seems like a logical progression of what’s currently been seen in the present and the far future of the 31st century, and would no doubt be an incredibly intriguing dynamic for DC’s Future StateDamian Wayne’s fate as Robin becoming any kind of hero in the future is currently in jeopardy in the present, but to have the upcoming 2021 event solidify his future status in the dark would be huge.

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