Deavan Clegg Reveals Producers Made Drascilla Look ‘Wild’


Deavan Clegg finally explained why Drascilla is “rambunctious” on 90 Day Fiancé. Apparently, the producers are to blame for her wild behavior.

If there’s one couple 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans love to hate, it’s Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee. From their first-ever appearance to now, Deavan and Jihoon have had many battles to fight. Among them is Deavan constantly being called out for her parenting skills. While Deavan’s daughter Drascilla is oftentimes criticized for being too “wild,” the 90 Day Fiancé star now claims it’s all production’s fault.

Deavan, 23, was introduced on season one of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way as a single mother looking for love from baby daddy Jihoon. Having become pregnant with Jihoon on their first night together, Deavan already faced criticism from fans. Soon, the attention turned towards her now five-year-old child. Deavan herself first called Drascilla “rambunctious” on screen over a clip that showed the child throwing things. Deavan’s comment about Drascilla being a “Nanny 911 status baby” appears to have stayed with 90 Day Fiancé fans all through the two seasons, especially when the child was shown running into traffic. Then, certain reports indicated production supposedly found Drascilla “extremely hard to handle” as her mother remained “unbothered.” But this story, too, has a shocking other side, as revealed by the 90 Day Fiancé mom.

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The Utah-based reality TV star had a lengthy conversation with blogger John Yates recently where she addressed the issue of Drascilla’s portrayal on 90 Day Fiancé. As reported by TheAshleysRealityRoundUp, Deavan first started by confessing that the clip of Drascilla running away was not the real footage of the incident. “Of course that’s not what happened,” said Deavan before adding that the footage used by TLC was actually something that took place “an hour before the actual scene.” Deavan also shared Jihoon had been on his phone instead of looking after the child, who then ran off. But to further her claims against TLC, Deavan also revealed that Drascilla’s allegedly difficult demeanor was due to the production giving “a three-year-old a bunch of snacks and candy.”

Deavan Clegg Drascilla: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé


The 90 Day Fiancé personality hinted at producers apparently wanting to use Drascilla’s plot for comedic relief on the reality show. “Producers…are constantly giving her sugar,” said Deavan, and added that they were “constantly doing this and telling her to run around and do this stuff because it would be funny.” However, Deavan also defended the TLC team by sharing, “So I don’t think people realize that’s the job of a producer.

Deavan and her little daughter recently made headlines after Drascilla was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Drascilla managed to inform her mom that she was unable to “move her smile” on one side. Although initially Deavan thought she was joking, Drascilla soon got diagnosed. The 90 Day Fiancé star assured worried fans that Drascilla was getting better but, given the way some critics have continuously attacked the child, they will likely keep doing so instead of showing sympathy. However, certain 90 Day Fiancé viewers have now also moved on to speculating whether Deavan is pregnant again with boyfriend Topher Park, which she has denied. It looks like as long as Deavan continues to show up on 90 Day Fiancé, doing away with the naysayers is not a possibility.

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Source: TheAshleysRealityRoundUp

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