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Kourtney Kardashian may not have her own beauty company like Kim and Kylie, but she has developed an online guide for the modern woman.

Kourtney Kardashian of Keeping Up With The Kardashians may not be working on any makeup lines like her sisters are, but just last year, she developed an online guide for the modern-day woman. The businesswoman and mom of three took an idea and ran with it, creating a website called Poosh. While it has been online for a whole year, it seems that for some fans, this gem of a website is still a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

The eldest Kardashian offspring (and the first Kardashian kid to have a child of her own) has always had a knack for business. While she still appears on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (until the show ends, anyway), for the longest time, it seemed like her Dash stores were her muse. She even starred in a spin-off reality series to promote new Dash locations. With Dash gone and her sisters finding success with other ventures, Kourtney decided to create Poosh.

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The online platform is a publication that showcases articles designed to benefit today’s woman. The Poosh focus is on sharing the best health, wellness, lifestyle, home, and entertaining tips. Most aspects of every busy woman’s life are featured in one article or another. From learning about different sex positions to help spice up love lives to a personal excerpt (under the “adulting” heading) about how interning at Poosh changed someone’s life, this platform features a fair bit of variety. As with Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP website, this online hub features products that please its founder. It also features Kourtney’s beloved matcha latte recipe, along with an article about how to pick jeans that flatter the butt.

KUWTK Poosh Website


So, how did Kourtney come up with this publishing idea? Well, the name of the website was inspired by her daughter Penelope, whom Kourtney and co-parent Scott Disick have lovingly nicknamed, “Poosh.” Kourtney Kardashian surely wanted to build a new brand featuring her daughter’s name, and certainly must have thought about where she would want her daughter to get good quality information from as an adult. Kourtney has a huge passion for the project, and she stated in an LA Times interview, “The modern woman, in my opinion, is somebody who cares about the planet, cares about what we’re putting in our bodies from the inside out, and just doing our best without feeling judged for not being perfect.

Who knows what’s next for this famous woman? She has expressed relief that she is done with life in the KUWTK spotlight. With the end of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (and cameras other than her own cell phone) disappearing from her life, she’ll probably first enjoy some peace and quiet. She’ll certainly spend extra time with her kids, and she’ll probably continue to build her Poosh brand. With all the sex advice, beauty secrets, and health guides on her website, it would be a great idea for her to develop a monthly Poosh Subscription box. The soon to be ex-reality TV star has already created a box worth thousands of dollars, which she sent to many of her celeb friends (and two lucky fans) in a giveaway for the launch of the website in 2019. Moving into an affordable box that fans could receive monthly, filled with goodies that fit Kourtney’s aesthetic and values, might be an avenue for the oldest KUWTK sister to explore.

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