Fall Guys Makes a Comeback, Topping Twitch & Selling 10 Million On PC


Fall Guys is once again topping Twitch views, and has been reported to have sold ten million coopies on PC, bringing it out of a recent slump.

Fall Guys has pulled out of a recent slump, selling 10 million copies on PC and becoming the top game on Twitch. The beloved online game puts a unique spin on the well-trod battle royale format, casting players as adorable jelly beans in funny costumes who must race through zany obstacle courses and minigames. It had a truly explosive launch, with player numbers routinely overwhelming the game’s servers. It became the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time less than a month after launch.

But the world of online video gaming is fickle. As much as fans enjoyed Fall Guys, it wasn’t long before the game’s fifteen minutes of fame were up. It was mostly usurped by social deduction game Among Us, which has seen an equally impressive comeback from a largely unnoticed launch back in 2018. Fall Guys developer Mediatonic was undaunted by this fall from grace, and has spent the months since launch providing dedicated support to the battle royale. After addressing the game’s rampant cheater problem, Mediatonic released a second season of content with a medieval theme, and last week it introduced an update with one more stage, as well as randomized variations for pre-existing levels to keep them feeling fresh.

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It seems that these efforts are paying off. As the developer boasted on the Fall Guys Twitter page, the battle royale once again topped the charts on Twitch during the online GlitchCon event. A further indicator of the game’s landmark success comes from a recent financial report from Unity, the game engine that Mediatonic used to create Fall Guys. The online game is one of the two Unity games mentioned by the company as the biggest gaming blockbusters of the third financial quarter. The recent free to play RPG Genshin Impact is the other. Unity mentions Fall Guys‘ success on PS Plus, and also points out that the game has sold 10 million copies on Steam. That’s a remarkable thing to achieve only three and a half months after launch, and it’s only half of Fall Guys‘ success.

Fall Guys might not be as wildly prominent as it was at launch, but it’s clearly still going strong. Recently the company announced a major crossover with 2019 indie darling Untitled Goose Game. This update introduces a total of three costumes inspired by the adorable avian mischief simulator, as well as a honk emote. Content additions like this are vital to the long-term success of a game like Fall Guys, and between this goose crossover and the steady stream of new stages and obstacles, that’s clearly something Mediatonic realizes very well.

Fall Guys is destined to go down in history as one of 2020’s most defining games. Even if it’s no longer the pop culture icon it was at launch, it’s still a solid and wonderful battle royale that’s being enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide. Time will tell where Mediatonic takes the game from here, but the future of Fall Guys certainly looks bright.

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Source: Fall Guys, Unity Technologies

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