Fear The Walking Dead Wasted A Perfect Character Death


In its latest episode, Fear the Walking Dead could have delivered one of its most shocking deaths yet by killing [SPOILER], but this didn’t happen.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6 wasted an opportunity for a perfect character death with Virginia (Colby Minifie). There was a moment in the latest episode of the AMC series where the show could have killed off the character.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6, episode 6, “Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg” shines the spotlight on Jenna Elfman’s June, who has been working – albeit unsuccessfully – as a doctor for the Pioneers. Throughout the episode, she expresses disappointment with her available resources and the work she’s been able to do. During an incident at Paradise Ridge involving their oil supply, June becomes trapped in a dangerous situation with Virginia, who gets bitten on the hand by a zombie. Seeing an opportunity in Virginia’s zombie bite, June initially decides to let her die, but eventually changes her mind and saves the Pioneer leader, much to the disappointment of her friends.

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During this episode, Fear the Walking Dead missed its chance to deliver what could have been one of the show’s most shocking deaths. Viewers certainly weren’t expecting Virginia to get bitten by a zombie, but after the bite happened, they may have believed that she’d have her hand amputated by June (which is exactly what happened in the end). Though June was reluctant to go through with the amputation, it wasn’t a surprising outcome to the situation, given that June is a doctor.


It would have been a huge shock if Fear the Walking Dead had followed through and let Virginia die. This would have been entirely unexpected, especially when taking into consideration all of the build-up the show has been doing in recent episodes. Fear the Walking Dead hasn’t finished fleshing out Virginia and her backstory yet, and there’s a lot of unresolved conflict between her and the other characters, particularly Morgan (Lennie James), who went through a big change so that he could defeat her.

For these reasons, the death of Virginia could have been as shocking as the tragic fates that the show gave Nick (Frank Dillane) and Travis (Cliff Curtis), but instead the show chose to keep her alive. If it had killed her, Fear the Walking Dead could have transitioned to a new villain to lead the Pioneers and cause trouble for Morgan’s group in season 6. However, this is clearly not the course the series will be taking with the remainder of the season.

Since Fear the Walking Dead has avoided killing Virginia early, it should make the most of this decision and continue where’s it’s going with her character. So far, Virginia has been an interesting antagonist for Morgan and his people, and through her apparently genuine love for her sister Dakota (Zoe Colletti), Fear the Walking Dead has been making an effort to humanize the villain. It remains to be seen how long Virginia will last, but if handled correctly, she could become the show’s best antagonist.

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