Gal Gadot’s Wreck-It Ralph 2 Character Shank Is A Fast & Furious Reference


Gal Gadot voiced Shank in animated sequel Wreck-It Ralph 2, with the character being an obvious nod to her role in the Fast & Furious series.

Gal Gadot’s Wreck-It Ralph 2 character Shank is an obvious ode to her character in the Fast & Furious franchise. The enduring success of The Fast And The Furious series is a marvel to behold. The original was a dumb but fun action movie shot with a modest budget and centered around then up and coming stars like Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Paul Walker. The sequel only featured the return of Walker while part three focused on a new cast entirely, suggesting the franchise was nearly out of road.

Diesel made a very well-received cameo in the latter sequel, however, leading the studio to bring back the original cast for 2009’s Fast & Furious. This went over very well, and by the time Dwayne Johnson was added to the line-up for Fast Five, the series has only grown in popularity – and box-office grosses – with each new entry. Johnson’s Hobbs even received his own spinoff in 2019, while the main series is set to end with the recently announced Fast & Furious 11.

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While Gal Gadot is now best known as Wonder Woman, her breakthrough role was as Gisele in the Fast & Furious series. Given the character’s fate in the sixth entry, it’s unlikely she will return for a future sequel. The original Wreck-It Ralph cast John C. Reilly as the title character, who is the villain in an arcade game who wants to become a hero. The movie proved to be a success, and in addition to the original Wreck-It Ralph voice cast returning for the follow-up, Ralph Breaks The Internet cast Gal Gadot as new character Shank.


Ralph Breaks The Internet’s Shank is a character from video game Slaughter Race, which plays like a delightful blend between Grand Theft Auto and Twisted Metal. Visually Shank appears heavily inspired by Gisele from Fast & Furious, and the racing sequences have numerous nods to the series too. Shank is shown to be more than one-dimensional, however, when she befriends Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), who proves to be a surprisingly good Slaughter Race driver thanks to her experience on Sugar Rush. Shank encourages Vanellope to leave her game and gain independence, even if that goes against Ralph’s wishes.

Wreck-It Ralph 2 was Gal Gadot’s first voice role, and by all accounts, she did a great job. It probably helped that Ralph Breaks The Internet’s Shank is a clear tip of the hat to Fast & Furious’ Gisele, though. There don’t currently seem to be plans to make a third movie in the series, but if it does happen, there’s a very good chance Shank would be coming back too.

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