Google’s ‘Barely Blue’ Pixel 4a Finally Goes On Sale


Previous rumors suggested a blue Pixel 4a existed. Google has now not only confirmed those rumors, but it’s already selling the ‘Barely Blue’ model.

Google‘s Pixel 4a is now available to buy in a “Barely Blue” color. This confirms the rumors of a second Pixel 4a color option that were previously reported months ago. Before now, the phone was only available in black, leaving a lack of choice for anyone thinking of buying the recent Pixel phone. With this new color option having turned up in time for the holidays, now might be the right time to consider a Barely Blue Pixel 4a for a loved one.

Months ago, images of a blue Google Pixel 4a were circulating online, with many fearing this was a cancelled color option. While the Pixel 4a launched only in black, the Pixel 3a was available in white, black, and light purple. The original Google Pixel and Pixel XL released in “Really Blue” in 2017 and in the following year, the Pixel 2 featured a “Kinda Blue” color. As blue has proven to be a popular color among Google Pixel phone buyers, the company has made sure to deliver again this year, albeit with yet another new shade of blue.

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The Pixel 4a is available to buy for $349, or for less than $15 per month on a two-year plan, through the Google Store. This is a very good deal compared to new, high-end phones from Apple, Samsung, and others. In terms of the Barely Blue color option, Google says this color will only be available “while supplies last.” Therefore, once the color sells through, it will likely be gone forever. Due to the sudden release of this new color option, time could be an issue if the Barely Blue model proves as popular as past blue Pixel phones.

What To Know Before Ordering Google’s Barely Blue Pixel 4a

Pixel 4a front back


The Barely Blue Pixel 4a is exclusive to the Google Store so anyone thinking of picking one up will need to buy directly from Google. In addition, the pale blue version is only available as an unlocked device, with the Verizon and Google Fi options still limited to the “Just Black” model. However, Google does not appear to be asking for any more for the Barely Blue model, which retails at the exact same price as the Just Black option. Likewise, all of the other available options remain the same, including the ability to trade-in an older phone to help reduce the overall cost.

This sudden release of the Barely Blue Pixel 4a continues the trend of late and last-minute reveals and announcements by major phone manufacturers leading up to the end of the year. For those that held off making a purchase in the hope the blue Pixel 4a rumors were true, it looks like their patience has now paid off. While some consumers were probably unhappy with the limited choice at first, Google is likely hoping this new color can help generate more sales of its cheaper smartphone option, and especially during the holidays.

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