Lisa Vanderpump Hints At Possibility Of Reconciling With Kyle Richards


Lisa Vanderpump opens up about her former friendship with Kyle Richards and whether she would be open to the possibly of being friends with her again.

Former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump hinted there might be a possibility of reconciling her friendship with Kyle Richards. This would be a big step forward for the duo, as Lisa and Kyle had an explosive falling out during Lisa’s final season of RHOBH.

One of the most memorable moments from Lisa’s last season on RHOBH was the “puppygate” scandal. Rumors swirled amongst the cast that Lisa had planted stories in the tabloids about Dorit Kemsley to supposedly make her look bad. This stemmed from Dorit adopting a dog from Lisa’s rescue Vanderpump Dogs. When things didn’t work out, Dorit allegedly dropped off the puppy to a shelter instead of returning them to Vanderpump Dogs. This lead to Kyle confronting Lisa and her husband Ken Todd in an epic showdown on who was telling the truth. Needless to say, things did not end well between Lisa and Kyle. Lisa denied the rumors and Kyle believed them. At the end of Lisa and Kyle’s blow up, Lisa stormed off, and Ken booted Kyle out of their home by shouting, “Goodbye, Kyle!” And so, it seemed that Kyle and Lisa’s friendship was beyond repair.

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But now, a little over a year later, Lisa might be open to repairing her friendship with Kyle. Lisa dropped the news of that possibly during an episode of her podcast, All Things VanderpumpLisa said about her friendship with Kyle, “I am an advocate for saying, ‘Who knows?’ Because I always said I would never do a reality show but here I am, 400 episodes later.” Lisa added, “We had a unique chemistry and we did have a lot of fun together but I think it was quite a few seasons that she really, she’d always say, ‘Oh I do think she’s guilty but I love her.’ And what kind of friendship is that?” Unfortunately for Lisa, Kyle wasn’t the only one claiming Lisa was guilty about manipulation. Former cast member Kathryn Edwards also came forward and claimed that Lisa would work with production to manipulate storylines.


As to where Lisa and Kyle stand right now, Lisa stated bluntly, “I don’t talk to Kyle.” However, Reality Blurb reported that Kyle had sent Lisa flowers when Lisa’s mother passed away in 2019. But Lisa wasn’t, “so sure her former RHOBH castmate was genuine with her efforts to reach out.” Lisa said about Kyle, “She did send me flowers after my mother died. It was really nice and I said, ‘Thank you,’ for the flowers. But so much crap has been talked about me. And I think you kinda want to reach out and see how somebody’s actually doing.” Perhaps the reason Kyle did not reach out to Lisa to check in was because their friendship had ended so dramatically. Either way, it was a nice gesture for Kyle to send Lisa flowers.

With Lisa having a tumultuous time, such her restaurant Villa Blanca shutting down, and facing a lawsuit for allegedly not paying employees, it’s nice to have some good news that Lisa is open  to the possibility of mending her friendship with Kyle. Lisa and Kyle were fan favorites on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and fans enjoyed seeing the two getting along instead of at odds with one another. Time will tell if Lisa and Kyle can mend fences and become friends once again.

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Source: Reality BlurbAll Things Vanderpump

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