Meghan Markle’s BFF Jessica Mulroney Blasted For IG Selfie On Veterans Day


Jessica Mulroney of Good Morning America has responded after being accused of posting a “self-promotion” photo on Instagram on Veteran’s Day.

The Canadian stylist and former I Do Redo star Jessica Mulroney is responding to claims she posted a “self-promotion” post on Veteran’s Day instead of honoring the troops. Jessica has been under fire throughout the year due to claims she was cut off by her estranged best friend, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

The Good Morning America correspondent faced criticism earlier this year after it was said the Duchess ended their friendship when Jessica was outed for allegedly telling a Black social influencer that “our lives matter too.” The comments were supposedly said during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Jessica was thrown into a whirlwind of backlash over claims she was being racially insensitive and stretching her “white privilege.” The former reality star had a virtual spat with blogger Sasha Exeter back in June after Exeter put out a call to action asking other Canadian influencers with large followings to use their platforms to speak out against racial injustice. But it was revealed that Jessica instead responded by threatening Exeter with a lawsuit. At the time, the former reality TV show host claimed she had spoken to Exeter’s sponsors as an intimidation tactic, and said the blogger’s voice “only matters if [she expresses] it without shaming people.”

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Needless to say, the story didn’t fly go too well once Meghan caught wind of it. The Duchess moved swiftly in distancing herself from her former BFF. Now, Jessica is under fire once again for not acknowledging the vets on Veteran’s Day. After posting a photo of herself on Tuesday, followers were quick to call her out in the comments. “Next chapter begins now. Always remember the work you’ve put in and keep doing it,” Jessica captioned the glamourous photo. “Always remember the veterans as well,” said one user. “Would have been nice to see you acknowledge them, as opposed to some self-promotion!” The fashion stylist responded by saying she has “so much respect for veterans and I am involved in many fundraisers.” She went on to “apologise truly.” See her full post below:

But, much like her issue with “shaming people” in June, Jessica reiterated that sentiment with an additional comment. “Now let’s go on everyone’s feed who hasn’t posted and shame them all.” She took to her Instagram Story to share links to two veterans’ charities further expressing her support for veterans. “For those who believe an Instagram post makes the biggest difference. Try something new. Donate and swipe up,” she added. It’s clear Jessica is tired of the online bullying she often receives.

Jessica’s estranged friend Meghan Markle has been living in her native California after she and Prince Harry made history by exiting the Royal Family. In September, there were reports that the couple signed on to showcase their relationship in a Netflix reality show, but they quickly denied the claims.

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