Peace Isn’t An Option In Attack On Titan’s Biggest Battle Yet


Eren Yeager has led his Titan army to war against his former friends, and it seems drastic action must be taken if the alliance wants to defeat him.

Tensions are rising in the most recent chapter of Attack on Titan and the stakes have never been higher. Readers have followed along as the antihero of the series, Eren Yeager, refused the plead for diplomacy from his former friends. Though Eren, Arman, and Mikasa were once family, the latter two find themselves at odds with a now-radicalized Eren. They must protect the Paradisian people from the Rumbling caused by the Titan army. With a determined team by their side, the alliance seems prepared for war, but Eren seems hellbent on destruction.

Chapter #134, appropriately titled “In the Depths of Despair,” builds upon multiple plot points introduced in past issues. The most pressing of these has to be the deployment of Air Force soldiers seen deploying in chapter #133. Readers are now shown a zoomed out picture of the situation, featuring both civilians and military members under immense stress. The Rumbling has devastated the land, and readers must watch helplessly as countless Paradisians plummet to their doom.

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The sheer amount of violence shown and hinted at within this chapter proves just how futile the quest for peace truly was. Eren made it pretty clear that there would be only one way to stop the inevitable threat of the Titan army, and that would be to kill him. In this chapter, readers see the consequences the heroes must face for not doing so. It may be impossible to stop the Rumbling so long as Eren still leaves.

Attack On Titan 134


However, fans have proposed an alternate solution that our heroes may also be realizing as well. They may be able to put a stop to the war if they can defeat the main antagonist of the series, Zeke Yeager, who was introduced as the Beast Titan back in chapter #34. All eyes are on squad captain Levi Ackerman, as the two have faced each other in battle already. Zeke and Levi are arguably two of the strongest characters within the series. Fans have already begun theorizing the results of the final battle, and many revolve around the assumption that Zeke and Levi will come face to face once again.

Regardless of who takes on who in the final battle, it has already been set up to be the biggest (and most fatal) fight yet. With the recent death of fan-favorite fighter, Commander Hange Zoë, it seems anything is possible as far as who will survive, and who will fight to their literal death. Alongside all the chaos, fans have also been discussing the progression towards the final panel of the manga, previously revealed by Hajime Isayama. Whether one wants to focus on the perilous battle, or the possible hints at who the characters in the final panel may be, the upcoming chapter of Attack on Titan will certainly be one that fans won’t want to miss.

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