Phasmophobia Prison Map Is Coming, Developer Teases


Kinetic Games teases a new prison level coming to its horror game, Phasmophobia, in a cryptic screenshot from the developer’s Trello board.

Developer Kinetic Games teased this week that it is working on a brand new prison map for its popular horror title Phasmophobia after receiving a fan request for the level. Though not much is known yet about the prison’s design, the tease has received some positive feedback on social media from players who are excited to explore the upcoming map.

Phasmophobia has only been available in Steam early access for two months, but the spooky indie game is already a smashing success thanks to exposure from Twitch streamers and YouTubers. Players can join a group of up to four people who take on their roles as ghost hunters in urban settings, contracted to find information on paranormal activity in various abandoned facilities. There are 12 types of ghosts to encounter, each with different behaviors, and players must collect evidence to determine what type of ghost they find. The game includes some equipment one might see on a ghost hunter television show, such as thermometers, EMF readers, Ouija boards, and CCTV cameras. Players communicate via in-game voice chat, but there’s an interesting catch: ghosts can hear the chat, too. Just recently, killed ghost hunters even gained the ability to haunt their teammates in the afterlife.

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Right now, there are a handful of Phasmophobia maps in varying sizes to choose from, such as houses, a school building, and an asylum. Thankfully, Kinetic is working on more terrifying levels, including the recently-revealed prison map. Kinetic shared a cryptic tweet showing a screenshot of an entry on Phasmophobia‘s Trello board, where “Make a Prison level” was filed under “In Progress.” Kinetic has not yet officially announced when players can expect the prison level, but fans expressed their excitement in the replies nonetheless.

Kinetic does not appear to be working on any other new Phasmophobia maps at the moment, but the Trello board does indicate that a few level ideas may be considered in the future. Under the “Backlog” label, cards for “Make an apartment building” and “Make Mansion level” can be found, so it seems a very real possibility that these ideas will be developed later. For the most part, Kinetic seems to be working out some bugs at the moment, including a duplicate inventory list and controller accessibility issues.

Kinetic uses Trello as a developmental roadmap for Phasmophobia. The company recently made the board public so that fans could comment on tasks and follow along with the game’s latest updates. This is honestly an excellent method of communication between developers and gamers, as ideas can all be organized in one spot and people can get a sense of what they might see in the next update. Plus, there’s even a “Known Bugs” tab, which give players a comforting sense that their concerns are very much being considered. Phasmophobia fans can rest assured that there are still a ton of exciting new features and fixes in store for the game.

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Source: Kinetic Games/Twitter

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