PS5 Controller Problem Confuses Players Trying To Charge DualSense


A PS5 controller charging problem is confusing players who are lucky enough to own the console, as certain scenarios make the DualSense not charge.

PS5 controller charging problem has been encountered by several users lucky enough to own the new console, and it’s confusing them, as there doesn’t seem to be an obvious reason why the DualSense isn’t charging. Sony’s current-gen console has been available to consumers since November 12, 2020, and a lot of early impressions rolling in have made note of the impressive tech on display by the device – including the DualSense, which gets a free showcase in the form of Astro’s Playroom, demonstrating why its improved haptics could mean a world of difference for players in the future.

The PS5 launch period hasn’t been without its issues, however, and some have been outright alarming. Chief among early PS5 issues were those that saw the console “brick” or be forced into a factory reset because of a weird rest mode glitch that appeared to be linked to Spider-Man: Miles Morales. That issue also appears to be linked to the PS5 rest mode setting, which plays a crucial role in replicating the issue that has seen some users brick their otherwise new device. Lesser concerns, like PS5 download speeds, have also been raised, though they’re certainly less pressing than any hardware or software issues that make the console unusable.

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Now, there appears to be another issue: a PS5 controller charging problem that, while not consistent across all units, has plagued enough users to begin generating discussion on social media sites like Twitter over how to fix it. Fans aren’t sure exactly why the DualSense isn’t charging, but they’re certain there’s a PS5 controller charging problem that stems from putting the console into rest mode and attempting to use its front USB port to charge the DualSense. This issue has been reported by several different users, and was able to be replicated by Screen Rant. However, there does appear to be a fix – a number of PS5 owners have noted that plugging controllers into the console via the back USB will circumvent the issue, even in rest mode. However, that might not be a consistent fix, as some owners have suggested even the back port isn’t solving the issue. Sony has yet to officially comment on any problems at this time.

For now, there don’t appear to be any issues that can’t be solved by actually having the console on and charging the controller that way – but that’s certainly not convenient, and rest mode charging is the preferred method for many users, since it allows them to come back to a fully-charged controller that can ditch the cord and provide them maximum comfort during their play session. A PS5 controller charging problem – especially one that doesn’t seem to explain why the DualSense isn’t charging without outside help – could be another annoyance for early adopters of the Sony console.

It’s been a rough launch period for the PlayStation 5, but not one that it can’t recover from. Quality control issues are one thing, but a lot of the PS5 problems seem to be stemming from how rest mode setting is currently working with other factors. If that can be fixed in a software update, it shouldn’t be anything more than a speedbump at release – but if it can’t, the PS5 controller charging problem might become something that keeps fans away from Sony’s current-gen console. Why the DualSense isn’t charging continues to confuse players for now, but hopefully soon Sony will have an answer.

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