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When it comes to intensity and drama, Bravo’s, The Real Housewives series truly brings it. No matter the season or the city, every cast member is colorful, outspoken, and full of interesting storylines that viewers can not get enough of. There is drama between the ladies; who could forget the beef between Kelly Dodd and Heather DuBrow? Then, there is spousal drama, like that of Erika Jayne. Sometimes, we watch the ladies struggle with occupation drama, and, of course, drama with the vacations. Over the years, the housewives have been the center of some of reality television’s wildest storylines.

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The ladies of Potomac might be refined and accomplished, but wallflowers, they certainly are not! Their storylines are unique, sometimes shocking, and definitely entertaining. When it comes to deciding which storylines reign supreme, it is hard to choose from so many good ones. If we had to narrow the field to the top ten, these could not be ignored.

10 Monique Had A Real Moment During Her Pregnancy


A general rule of thumb for this series is as follows: don’t mess with a pregnant woman. Hormones are surging, emotions all over the place, and even the smallest comment can trigger a windfall of unpredictable moments. Monique’s pregnancy was a major storyline in season four of Real Housewives of Potomac. She addressed rumors regarding her marriage and her husband’s fidelity. At a country-inspired event, she finally let all that she was thinking fly, and it wasn’t pretty.

Don’t come for Monique, guys. Just don’t. Monique and Candice became embroiled in a battle of words at the hoedown, and Monique let Candice know that she would gladly drag her castmate, pregnant and all. We didn’t doubt that she could do that if compelled for a single second.

9 Karen And House-gate

Nothing will rile a housewife up more than her friends murmuring about her financials and belongings. Karen and her husband moved to Great Falls, Virginia, and, almost immediately, the ladies of Potomac began to wonder if they indeed purchased their new home there.

They decided to do some sleuthing and dressed up as pizza delivery people hoping to catch Karen in some sort of lie, or truth, or who really knows. Regardless, watching grown women spend their evening doing this stuff is equally entertaining and concerning.

8 Gizelle And The Pastor’s Rekindling

One of the very best storylines in this installment of Bravo’s Housewives is the relationship between Gizelle and her former husband. Gizelle was once married to Pastor Jamal, and, during their union, the pair welcomed three daughters together.

The relationship eventually soured thanks to some possible no-nos by the megachurch mogul, and Gizelle ended up a single mama on the hunt for a new man. After many years passed and many paths taken, the former couple found their way back into one another’s lives. This rekindling made for one heck of a storyline.

7 Karen In The Middle

Candiace and Gizelle have major beef, and fellow housewife Karen Huger always did her very best to be the voice of reason and clarity between the two volatile ladies. Karen was often regarded as the Switzerland of the Potomac crew. Over the seasons, we have seen her appear uncomfortable, balancing her friends who decided that they would be enemies to one another.

While she tried to stay neutral in the ongoing verbal battle between Candiace and Gizelle, she didn’t hold back in letting Wendy know that she was not impressed with her extensive education. Karen might find herself in the middle a lot, but, sometimes, she gets fed up and lets the ladies know to take a seat.

6 Robyn’s Flip

Robyn Dixon’s storylines have historically been a bit blah, especially when you consider what is up with some of the other housewives. In season four of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Robyn’s storyline got a facelift with her venture into house flipping.

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Aside from that, she candidly shared with the world that she was struggling with financial issues, owing some ninety thousand dollars in back taxes. Suddenly, Robyn became uber-interesting to viewers.

5 Ashley’s New Mommy Worries

Ashley and her much older husband Michael have been through it, and, despite all that has transpired between the pair, they have worked through their problems and recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Dean into their family.

The newest season of the show has highlighted Ashley’s journey into motherhood. She was recently faced with anxiety and trepidation as she embarked on a ladies’ trip to Portugal without her little one. Her worries revolved around her baby as well as her husband’s activities.

4 Karen’s Marriage On The Rocks

Can you even have a season of The Real Housewives without some marriage drama and speculation? The Potomac season highlights the woes between Ashley and Michael, but they aren’t the only imperfect couple working through things.

Viewers and housewife costars alike have grabbed onto the storyline that perhaps trouble is brewing between Karen and her husband, Ray. The duo admitted to being nothing, but real and raw in the fifth season of the show, proving that marriage is tons of work.

3 Wendy’s Wild Family Situation

Wendy has a solid marriage and beautiful kids, but there is some serious drama when it comes to her extended family. Her inlaws are estranged from her and her husband, and they have yet to even meet their three precious grandkids.

So, what does Eddie’s family think of all this? They claim that Wendy is from the wrong side of the tracks. It is safe to say that there is no lost love between the parties. This is a sad storyline, albeit an intriguing one, nonetheless.

2 Candiace And Ashley’s Major Beef And Blows

A well-known storyline in the Potomac series is that of Candiace and her mother’s relationship. In short, it isn’t the most stable and healthy one around. Ashley decided to capitalize on this fact and threw some low blows at Candice while both were attending a dinner party at Candiace’s home.

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Candiace kicked Ashley out, but Ashley came back for more. Things really spiraled out of control when Candiace flung a butter knife in the direction of the verbal assailant. This event spawned a whole new Housewives rivalry and a possible departure from the series because, really, how do you move on from something like that!

1 Ashley’s Suspicions

Ashley has her worries about her husband Michael’s wrongdoings and whereabouts. While on a girls’ trip, it was revealed that Michael made some trips to questionable establishments. It was even speculated that he kept partners on the side!

When the ladies told Ashley about what they knew of her husband’s possible transgressions, Ashley didn’t even seem phased. She clearly had her concerns long before her friends shared what they knew. She even admitted to checking his emails and his undergarments for clues to his actions.

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