What To Expect From Archer Season 12


Archer has been renewed for season 12 on FX, FXX and Hulu in 2021. What can fans expect from a newly-mature Sterling?

It’s hard to know what to expect from Archer season 12 when producers of the animated action series have been willing to shift settings and genres at the drop of a hat. Over the years, the small spy agency has become a drug cartel (season 5), a private detective business (season 7) and even the crew of a spaceship (season 10). But with season 11 heralding the return of Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) to the real world, it seems likely season 12 will dive more deeply into his interpersonal relationships and focus on family dynamics rather than office politics.

Archer kicked off in 2009 as a hysterically funny spy satire centered on “the world’s greatest secret agent” Sterling Archer, his ex-girlfriend Lana and their various dysfunctional coworkers. Sterling, an alcoholic ladies man, often threw missions off course in pursuit of his personal agenda, only to later rescue team members from his incompetence via hand-to-hand combat and sharpshooting. Sterling’s disregard for others created frustration and chaos among members of the spy agency, showcasing their own moral failings. The show uses dirty jokes alongside sophisticated high-brow humor, catering to a variety of audiences.

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Archer season 11 showed Sterling waking up from a three-year coma only to discover that everyone in his life is doing better without him. Lana, with whom he was raising their daughter AJ, has moved on and gotten married to billionaire Robert. Cyril Figgis, an incompetent accountant, has bulked up and taken Sterling’s place as the the world’s best secret agent. By the end of the season Sterling has readjusted to life, but still feels out of place. His relationship with Lana has deteriorated and his relationship with his daughter AJ is nonexistent. Season 12 will likely see Sterling confront his personal problems.

Archer Season 12 Renewal


The animated adult comedy Archer has been renewed for a 12th season by FX, according to Variety. Network officials announced the continuation of Archer in late October, two episodes before the season 11 finale. Renewal of the Emmy Award-winning show came after boost in ratings for season 11, according to Variety. FX numbers reportedly show an 32% increase in viewership over last year, with the first five episodes of season 11 averaging 2.4 million viewers per episode. “Together with its unbelievable voice cast, Archer is set to give fans another great season,” says president of original programming for FX Entertainment Nick Grad.

Archer Season 12 Release Date Info

Archer is slated to return to FX, FXX and Hulu in 2021, although an exact date for the premiere of season 12 has yet to be announced. Episodes of Archer season 11 debuted on FXX on Wednesdays and appeared on Hulu on Thursdays, a successful pattern that seems likely to continue next year. It’s possible the coronavirus could impact the air date of season 12, with the premiere of season 11 having been pushed back nine months because of the COVID-19 outbreak. As Hollywood gets back on track, however, Archer’s animated format could give the show a leg up on comedies that have to bring in large casts and crews to film outside a sound studio.

Archer Season 12 Story Details

As Sterling Archer slowly recovers from his coma in season 11 of Archer, his very presence seems to bring out the worst in everyone around him. Archer’s return to the land of the living causes his coworkers to revert to their usual dysfunctional selves and the spy agency to deteriorate into chaos. Sterling’s initial humility quickly wears off, but his coma experience does leave him a changed man. In the final episodes of season 11, Archer attempts to make Lana jealous during a double date and reconnect with his daughter AJ. Both episodes end with the Archer in quiet reflection, for once thinking about how he might make positive changes in his life.

The season ends with a classic spy mission in which Archer saves the world. But even as Sterling regains a solid foothold in his career — triumphing over his hallucinations and recovering from a near-death experience — there are some unanswered questions about his personal life. Will he get back together with Lana? Does he still want to? How will he deal with the responsibility of fatherhood? As the characters in Archer (slowly) mature, season 12 may focus more on their personal problems than work troubles. With Lana’s rich husband Robert still in the picture, new episodes are ripe for family drama and comedy.

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