Why Ruby Could Be The Villain Of Season 2


In Lovecraft Country, Ruby could be the villain of season 2, because she is torn between Leti, Christina, and her own potentially evil desires.

The finale of Lovecraft Country season 1 opens up the possibility of Ruby becoming the villain of season 2. Atticus’ group prevents the first season’s main villain, Christina Braithwhite, from becoming immortal and binds her (and all white people) from using magic. Dee then kills Christina, who would have been the most likely candidate for season 2’s primary antagonist. With all white people being bound from magic and Christina dead, season 2’s villain most likely won’t be an evil white person unless they can somehow regain their powers. While these facts make it more likely that Ruby returns as the villain of season 2, Atticus’ group lives in a world with no shortage of villains, both natural and supernatural. This means that the villain of Lovecraft Country season 2 could be any number of new characters, Black or white, or perhaps even an old villain thought to be gone.

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That said, if a villain were to cross over into season 2, Ruby would be a good candidate. Ever since she got the transformation potion from Christina, she has displayed a taste for magic, perhaps even the evil kind. By the end of Lovecraft Country season 1, Ruby has already tested the boundaries between good and evil. Not only does she take Christina as a lover despite her evil ways, but she also brutally attacks a man. Ruby witnesses Paul—her boss at Marshall Field’s—attempting to rape her Black colleague, Tamara. When Tamara escapes, Paul uses racist and misogynist language against her. Ruby gets revenge for this by sexually torturing him. Paul, as a sexual predator and a racist, definitely deserves punishment. However, Ruby’s actions, though understandable, are cruel, illegal, and can be seen as categorically belonging to villain territory.

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Ruby could be the villain of Lovecraft Country season 2 because of her thirst for power and willingness to commit evil acts, but her complicated relationships with Leti and Christina would have to provide a context for that villainy. Ruby would need to feel enough animosity toward Leti and enough heartbreak for Christina’s death to become the villain. Without that context, Ruby would be committing evil acts out of greed or a cruel sense of justice. This might transform Ruby and Leti’s relationship into a melodramatic superhero versus supervillain scenario rather than a Lovecraftian David versus Goliath, which is what the show ultimately has been. If Ruby were to become the villain of season 2, it would somehow have to involve Ruby and Leti’s troubled relationship, with the death of Christina being the spark that starts another family feud.

Christina with Ruby in Lovecraft Country.


The half sisters have had a tumultuous relationship since the season premiere and seemingly for their entire lives. They are family, but are not close enough to fully trust one another. Throughout Lovecraft Country season 1, Ruby’s love for Leti is a question made most explicit by Atticus, who believes Ruby is on Christina’s side. Ruby is the closest thing to an ally that Christina has had throughout the show, including up to right before Ruby dies. At first, Ruby becomes enamored by and has sex with William, who later turns out to be Christina in disguise. After Ruby discovers Christina’s trick, she is angry at being used, but remains close to her and seems to trust her. Christina seems to trust Ruby as well and begins teaching her magic. By the end of season 1, it remains uncertain where Ruby’s true loyalty lies.

An important factor in Ruby’s possible return as the villain of season 2 is that she might still be alive, despite Christina’s claim to the contrary. Christina’s transformation into Ruby implies that Ruby’s body is lying on a bed in Christina’s basement. However, she could be lying there dead or alive, since it’s not clear that the transformation magic requires a dead subject. Villain or not, Ruby would have to overcome death (like Leti did) or a coma to return. Although the villain of Lovecraft Country season 2 could be anyone, it would make sense for it to be Ruby, because she is torn between her feelings for her sister, her feelings for Christina, and her own potentially evil desires.

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