Why Skipping YouTube Rewind In 2020 Is The Wrong Decision


It could have been touching to show a timeline of different creators documenting 2020, with so many having brought people together this year.

YouTube’s notoriously polarizing Rewind end-of-year video recaps have been something viewers and creators can look forward to since 2010. This year, though, YouTube decided to forgo the usual Rewind recap due to 2020 being a “different” year. The online video sharing platform confirmed it would be taking a break from the tradition in a tweet last week, saying it didn’t feel right to carry on as though it weren’t. It went on to say, “We know that so much of the good that did happen in 2020 was created by all of you. You’ve found ways to lift people up, help them cope, and make them laugh. You made a hard year genuinely better.”

Could skipping YouTube Rewind in 2020 be the wrong decision, though? During a time of hardship around the world due to COVID-19, among other things, might a YouTube Rewind for 2020 have been just what the doctor ordered? Pun intended. Lots of people on Twitter responded, including YouTube video creators, influencers, and viewers. Many disagreed with YouTube’s decision, while others sided with YouTube, arguing that 2020 has been bumpy enough already.

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It’s a commonly-held view within the YouTube community that Rewinds are kind of cringeworthy. Indeed, the most disliked yearly recap video of all, in 2018, garnered a ratio of 2.9 million likes to 18 million dislikes. People said it was out of touch with the true highly influential creators on the platform. it came complete with random celebrity cameos and a bunch of missed yearly trending topics.

YouTube Should Commiserate With Rewind 2020

YouTube Rewind


However, wouldn’t this make a Rewind for this year even better? With everyone knowing YouTube’s track record, it could be a fun bonding experience. It’s not like YouTube could mess it up any more than in previous years. The Rewind could show how creators from around the world rose to the occasion in 2020. With people across the globe stuck at home, YouTube provided a way for billions of people to stay together, informed, and entertained this year. 

It would be very touching to show a timeline of different creators documenting the year as it happened. Since it is a platform of so many voices, YouTube has arguably been more important this year than before, particularly with its live-streaming functionality. Think about all the new creators that started a YouTube channel for the first time while being at home this year and all the voices that were elevated. It would be awesome to see clips of the best moments compiled.

Alas, assuming YouTube maintains its position, there will be no 2020 Rewind. It has not been explicitly stated if the company intends to return with a 2021 recap, but one would assume so. With numbers for the platform having increased immensely this year and its viewership has strengthened, perhaps next year’s video could celebrate 2020 as well as 2021. There’s still be plenty to celebrate about the last 12 months.

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