10 Disney Worlds That Would Make Perfect Spinoffs


Disney is the wellspring from which some of the most enchanting stories and characters have spawned. Along with these magical entities, the studio has created beautiful and mystical realms and kingdoms ever introduced to the world of animation. From kingdoms in lands far, far away to planets beyond the stars, there’s no shortage of splendid settings for these magical movies.

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With that sentiment in mind, Disney has recently been on a sequel kick but has neglected the glorious opportunity for spinoffs and expanded universes that aren’t Marvel. With such a wealth of films in Disney’s library, it would be impossible not to give these worlds some consideration.

10 Realms of Fantasia


At first, this concept might not seem like the easiest or even the most probable for that matter, but there is one thing to keep in mind about this experimental idea. Fantasia was always intended to be a series, at least that was Walt’s vision.

So in this modern age of art-house films and indie projects, why haven’t Disney fans seen more of it? With the film recently celebrating its 80th anniversary, there has never been a better time.

9 The World of Mickey Mouse

With his new series of shorts already on the horizon for this week, Mickey Mouse is undoubtedly expanding his repertoire. Disney artist Paul Rudish has certainly breathed new life into an old familiar favorite, but that has many fans wondering… What else could he do?

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Mickey is great in Rudish’s wild, comic-book-inspired art style, but how would some of his friends fare in their own original series? Goofy and Donald both had their own shorts in the past, why not put them in the driver’s seat?

8 Toontown

We’ve seen Mickey interact with familiar characters like Donald and Goofy, but what about crossing over with other characters from other movies? It’s not like Disney hasn’t done this before. In fact, fans only need to look back to the 2000s to see just how popular the idea was.

With shows like House of Mouse featuring a host of famous characters on a regular basis, why not give viewers the ultimate Disney fan service?

7 Mandalorian’s Era

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda and Spiders

The Mandalorian is without a doubt the most popular show on Disney+ currently, and one of its standout elements is the post Empire/pre First Order setting of unrest, mistrust, and rocky recovery for the Galactic Republic. With the success of this series, why not give a spinoff to this spinoff?

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Think about it, why not feature a Jedi or even a Stormtrooper in the lead role during this turbulent time in the Star Wars universe? Food for thought.

6 Aladdin’s Arabia

Although doing anything Aladdin-related without the late great Robin Williams seems like an act of animated heresy, there are still stories to be told in this magical take on the Arabian Nights

Aladdin is just one featured character in the 1001 Arabian Nights, so why not give someone else a turn in the spotlight? Feature characters like Ali Baba, Scheherazade, and Sinbad in this weird and whimsical world and it would be a smash. This could be a great chance for Disney to work hard to create more authentic, diverse characters for the world.

5 Olympus/Ancient Greece

Meg And Hercules Disney

In that same vein, since Disney already delivered on their adaptation of Hercules, which got a prequel series, why not do a Disney version of Greek mythology featuring the film’s design and timeline.

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Maybe there could be a series focusing on the backstories of the Olympians, or perhaps one featuring how Phil trained various heroes like Theseus, Perseus, Odysseus, and all the other heroes. Either way, there is a veritable treasure trove of stories to tell and retell.

4 Duckburg (Remake Version)

DuckTales On Disney Channel

With the success of the Ducktales remake and the upcoming Darkwing Duck spinoff series, why not revisit other Disney ’90s series with this same style.

It’s already been confirmed that Goofy and the Rescue Rangers exist in this world, so why not expand on the universe? Shows like Goof Troop, Mighty Ducks, and (by a stretch) Gargoyles could open the door for some unique takes on these famous throwbacks. At the very least, it would make the fans ecstatic.

3 St. Canard

Drake Mallard in Darkwing Duck

Speaking of the Darkwing Duck series, fans of the terror that flaps in the night will know that DW isn’t the only superhero on the block or supervillains for that matter. What happened to Morgana, Stegmutt, and the agents of S.H.U.S.H?

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If those are too complex, why not simplify and give Gizmoduck his own spinoff? Maybe even a crossover with the famous faces of Marvel? It worked for Phineas and Ferb.

2 Metroville

Elastigirl's motorcycle in Incredibles 2

How many times has Pixar gotten their own animated series? If memory serves, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was the last series made by the company that had a full over-arching narrative.

With the popularity of the superhero genre, why not give the supers of The Incredibles their own show? If fans were willing to wait years for a sequel to the first film, imagine how dedicated they’d be to a series.

1 Zootopia

Disney Zootopia characters

If there was ever a movie that presented a golden opportunity for a spin-off series, it was Zootopia. Fans of the film are already clamoring for a sequel, why not thrill them even more by making a series set in the animal metropolis.

It doesn’t even have to star Nick and Judy (while that would be ideal), it could feature other members of the ZPD or even original characters entirely. So long as it allows more time spent in the beautifully crafted world, fans will flip for it.

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