10 Most Dangerous Wretched Hives Of Scum & Villainy In The Galaxy


Star Wars‘ heroes and heroic factions would have been a lot less, well, heroic without the proper proportionate threats. Those threats come in the form of the Sith, criminals, fascist supporters, and amoral citizens. The thing is, birds of a feather flock together even in Star Wars; hence, the fans might find that these guys usually frequent and converge specific places in the Star Wars universe.

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So it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid them, right? Apparently, most Star Wars‘ good guys don’t seem to think so and choose to take the bull by the horns. If only they had the same wisdom as Obi-Wan in knowing which wretched hives of scum and villainy are the worst, then perhaps they would have lived longer? Such are the dangers for these places in Star Wars.

10 Mos Eisley Cantina


Even Tatooine’s safest havens and places of respite are not exactly safe. Those looking to take refuge from the Tusken Raiders and thieving Jawas might find themselves in Mos Eisley, one of the biggest outposts in the desert planet. The most popular and diverse establishment there is Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina which is probably filled to the brim with cartel and gang members.

Even worse is the mode of welcoming fresh visitors in the said Cantina. Bar fights are a norm and they happen regularly enough for the usual patrons to ignore and shrug off as a “civil” transaction. Refreshments include a blaster to the face with a side serving of getting an arm cut off by a space wizard.

9 Tatooine’s Outdoors

That isn’t to say that Tatooine’s wilderness is preferable to Mos Eisley. Typical villains include obtuse Sand People and the desert sun. There’s also the occasional Krayt Dragon and some Sarlacc Pits in the middle of nowhere that could easily ensnare some unwary travelers.

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Krayt Dragons can be summed up as the resident chaotic evil of Tatooine as they pretty much just gobble up anything in their path, friend or foe. Even other smaller outposts than Mos Eisley are not exempt from the harsh wilderness of Tatooine, in fact, they’re even more vulnerable.

8 Dathomir

Dathomir is a planet on which the Sith love to search for recruits. The dominant species there are the Zabrak or known by default as Dathomirians, and this is Darth Maul’s race. Needless to say, they’re a species that’s more predisposed to join the Dark Side of the Force compared to others due to their temperament.

They did shake this off once the Galactic Empire’s power waned. Nevertheless, for most of Dathomir’s existence in the film continuity, the Zabraks had close ties with the Sith. That makes Dathomir a harsh planet festering with Dark Side-crazed Zabrak warriors as is shown in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

7 The Death Star/Starkiller Base

Speaking of literal planet-sized hives of evil in Star Wars, synthetic ones are also in order and the worst of them all would be none other than the Death Star. It’s a literal planet killer and is operated by hundreds of thousands of subservient clones and voluntary Sith loyalists.

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From time to time, Darth Sidious also pays the Death Star a visit like it’s one of his vacation homes. The Sith outdid themselves by making a ‘roided version of it, namely Starkiller Base which is a planet turned into a Death Star. Funny enough, Obi-Wan seems less apprehensive of entering this place than Mos Eisley Cantina.

6 Taris Undercity

kotor undercity

Taris’ Undercity is like Mos Eisley Cantina except it’s devoid of sunlight and has a slum where the unfortunate residents and outcasts of Taris were forced to live. This location was prominently featured in Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic as one of the open-world levels of the game.

Taris Undercity is so bad that its sentient denizens are living like corralled pigs in fear of becoming nothing but food for the vicious predators lurking in the trash heap of the place. Additionally, viral outbreaks and even plagues erupt there from time to time and somewhere in the sewers, there’s a Rancor waiting for its periodic meal of hapless individuals.

5 Belsavis


When speaking about a place where the most violent of intergalactic criminals exist, one just can’t ignore a prison. It’s not just any prison but a whole planet dedicated to containing the galaxy’s most wanted. That would be the planet of Belsavis. It’s an otherwise frigid wasteland there the scum of the Inner Rim are locked up.

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Belsavis houses The Tomb, which is one of the biggest prison systems in Star Wars. That prison has been around long before the Galactic Republic took over Belsavis. That’s why Belsavis is home to not just the most dangerous lawbreakers but also the toughest since some of them can’t be executed for various reasons so they just got sentenced.

4 Canto Bight

Want to know who the second biggest evils are in Star Wars? Look no further than Canto Bight and its apathetic and gluttonous filthy rich. It’s a coastal city in the desert planet of Cantonica where the elite of the galaxy wager on war victors as if they were betting on Blackjack. That’s how detached they are from society.

Needless to say, most of the visitors and mainstays of Canto Bight are villains who care little for the welfare of the common Inner Rim citizen. Even slavery is legal in Canto Bight and even those who could have made a huge difference in the war effort choose to profit from it instead.

3 Mustafar


The sizzling planet of Mustafar is quite the hellscape and not many other planets like it exist in Star Wars. It’s a volcanic planet that might as well be nigh-uninhabitable which makes it a perfect satellite for the Sith. It’s where the films’ most menacing Sith apprentices were raised or trained.

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Before Darth Vader made it his home and base of operations, Darth Maul lived there and trained to become Darth Sidious’ apprentice until Obi-Wan reduced his height by half. Meanwhile, the natives of Mustafar sought the Sith themselves for the promise of immortality because living on a harsh volcanic planet is impossible.

2 Korriban

Star Wars Korriban Moraband

Speaking of Sith, they had to sprout from somewhere and that place is called Korriban. It’s where the Sith were thought to have originated that Korriban might as well be the Dark Side nexus of Star Wars. It’s a sacred place for the Sith and countless tombs and corpses of former Sith lords reside on this damned planet.

It’s a domain brimming with Dark Side energy that it’s probably enough to corrupt a Jedi who merely stepped on the planet’s soil. Occasionally, budding Sith apprentices or wannabe Sith lords also visit the place to meditate, kill one another, and become stronger in the Dark Side so the place never runs out of red LED lighting.

1 Exegol

Sith Throne Exegol

Much like the Jedi, the Sith also chose to spread out their influence across multiple planets and some were even more successful with it despite their fewer numbers. In the films’ case, Exegol is an unbelievable Sith fortress planet that Darth Sidious custom-made for himself.

With it, he was able to preserve himself and the Sith as well as make an army of himself. If the Death Star or Starkiller Base was Sidious’ vacation homes, then Exegol is his mansion in the hills, tax-free and fully-paid by the spoils of the Galactic Empire.

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