10 Novels That Would Have Been Great As Episodes


The show Doctor Who isn’t just a television series anymore, spread on different platforms, the series is giving fans more of The Doctors and their adventures. There are series spin-offs, novels, animations, audio adventures, and comics.

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Some novels have been turned into audiobooks read by The Doctors themselves, companions, or particularly notable narrators. It’s when reading or listening to the novels that readers wish they were brought to the screen.

10 The Feast Of The Drowned

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For lovers of The Tenth Doctor and Rose, the novel “The Feast Of The Drowned,” written by Stephen Cole might just be what The Doctor prescribed. The story is chilling and follows the mystery surrounding a sunken naval ship.

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Ghostly apparitions start appearing all around London, one of which is Rose’s friend Keisha’s brother. He pleads to be saved from the feast of the drowned. The novel also delves a little deeper into Rose’s year away.

9 Forever Autumn

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The novel, “Forever Autumn,” written by Mark Morris, features The Tenth Doctor and Martha on a spooky adventure in the town of Blackwood Falls. Something is lurking; there are monsters, an eerie green glow, and a strange book.

It’s a story that captures the essence of the screen with its description and atmosphere. The writing gives readers the essence of The Tenth Doctors’ boisterous and witty energy, and Martha’s badass attitude and sass.

8 Touched By An Angel

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The Weeping Angels have sunk to a whole new low in Jonathan Morris’s “Touched By An Angel.” The year is 2003. Rebecca Whitaker dies in a road accident.

Her grieving husband Mark receives a letter that was posted eight years prior and contains information on how he can save her. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and Rory try to save the world as Mark enters his own time stream in an attempt to change the timeline.

7 Festival Of Death

fourth doctor

Written by Jonathan Morris, “Festival Of Death,” follows The Fourth Doctor, Romana II, and K-9 as they solve the mystery of The G-Lock space station’s main attraction known as “The Beautiful Death.” The ride offers an experience of the afterlife and how it feels to die.

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But something goes horribly wrong and The Doctor and his companions arrive in the aftermath only to be given credit for saving everyone involved. They must travel back in time and discover what really happened.

6 All-Consuming Fire

sherlock doctor who

Written by Andy Lane and illustrated by Mike Nicholson, “All-Consuming Fire,” gives viewers a brilliant adventure involving a surprise guest.

The year is 1887 and forbidden books have been stolen from the secret library of St John the Beheaded. The Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Bernice Summerfield team up with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson to investigate. Yes, that’s right, a Sherlock and Doctor Who super mystery.

5 Scratchman

fourth doctor

If a novel can’t be an episode, the next best thing is for that novel to be written by a previous Doctor, who then reads the audiobook. The novel Scratchman, written by Tom Baker and James Goss isn’t for fans of light-hearted Doctor Who episodes. It’s a chilling thriller with dark tones.

The tale follows The Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry as they arrive on a Scottish island and find the locals are being terrorized by strange creatures. It was originally intended for the big screen but didn’t come to fruition until decades later.

4 Grave Matter

sixth doctor peri

The Sixth Doctor and Peri arrive on Dorsill Island, owned by DNA scientist Sheldon. Everything seems normal, except it isn’t. People start to die from what appears to be natural causes until their deaths are revealed to be the result of dark experiments.

It’s an atmospheric novel that takes Doctor Who into the world of the undead with great screen potential.

3 Ghosts Of India

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Written by Mark Morris, “Ghosts Of India,” gives readers the much loved Tenth Doctor – Donna dynamic. This novel takes the two partners in crime to 1947 Calcutta, the last days of Colonial India.

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There are rumors of “half-made men” lurking and stealing people away. Gandhi makes an appearance and helps The Doctor and Donna investigate the dangerous happenings, but not without risk.

2 The Stealers Of Dreams

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When The Ninth Doctor, Mickey, Rose, and Captain Jack were together, they made one heck of a crime-fighting team. But their time was short and viewers wanted more.

Enter Steven Lyons, the author of “The Stealers Of Dreams.” This novel gives viewers one more adventure with The Ninth Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack as they face a future where fiction, hopes, and dreams are illegal.

1 Alien Bodies

The Eighth and Sam take center stage in Lawrence Miles’s “Alien Bodies.” Something is happening deep in the rainforest, an auction for something more priceless than The Doctor could have ever anticipated, something that would create chaos if sold. It’s a straightforward story with plenty of characters and wild ideas tossed in the mix.

Another Eighth Doctor adventure by Lawrence Miles is “Interference,” and it certainly has the guts for the making of an intriguing episode(s).

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