10 Of Danny Phantom’s Corniest/Wittiest Comebacks


Premiering in 2004 and concluding in 2007, Danny Phantom is a classic and beloved cartoon that ran on Nickelodeon cartoon. The show followed the life of Danny Fenton, who possessed ghost powers and did his best to protect his hometown of Amity Park from incoming ghosts alongside his two best friends, Tucker and Sam. Danny was a witty and sarcastic character in his own right.

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Fans recognize Danny for more than just his ghost powers, his awkward teen moments, and his blossoming relationship with his best friend, Sam. He usually had something corny or witty to say, especially when it came to battling his foes.

10 Wittiest: “Well Gang, There’s Good News And Bad News. The Good News? My Powers Are Back. The Bad News? My Powers Are BACK!”

Danny being attacked by several ghosts in Danny Phantom Phantom Planet


In the series’ final episode, “Phantom Planet,” Danny, feeling useless given Vlad’s new ghost fighting team, decides to give up his powers, much to the disappointment of those around him. He begins to regret giving up his powers, especially when the world becomes endangered thanks to an oncoming asteroid.

Luckily, Danny gets his mojo back in time to save the world when his old ghost foes decide to attack. By doing so, they unintentionally restore Danny’s powers. This quote is more witty than corny because Danny and co. all unite to successfully save the Earth, and by extension, the Ghost Zone.

9 Corniest: “Tea? Oh, Good Idea! Coffee Could Make Ya A Mite Jittery. Better Yet…Have Some Punch!”

Danny under ghost dragon's claws in Danny Phantom

In “Parental Bonding,” Danny gets to attend a dance with his crush, Paulina, but it’s not exactly the night he had in mind. He had previously given her an amulet that turns the wearer into a ghost dragon when they’re angry, and Danny has to fight the dragon on a few occasions.

One such instance occurred when Paulina was angry about not being able to get the newest shirt in fashion. With Paulina, aka the dragon, exclaiming “Must have tee!”, Danny hilariously misinterprets the “tee” she’s referring to and uses this corny quote.

8 Wittiest: “Minutes, Seconds. You Know How Bad I Can Be At Math.”

Vlad and Danny Danny Phantom

“Maternal Instinct” finds Danny and his mom stranded in the woods until they come across Vlad. Turns out, that’s no coincidence. When Vlad’s plan to win over Danny’s mother fails, he doesn’t take it well, and Danny ends up losing his powers thanks to a device of Vlad’s.

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Vlad taunts Danny regarding his grades and gives him only seconds to run from his “minions” when he’d promised more of a head start. Jumping the gun, Vlad jokingly acknowledges that he’s bad at math too. The funny thing is, Danny uses Vlad’s taunting words later on and turns them around on his archenemy, threatening Vlad and pretty much telling him that he wasn’t planning on giving Vlad an actual head start, just as Vlad had done to him.

7 Corniest: “Somebody Call For An Exterminator?”

In “My Brother’s Keeper,” Danny and his classmates suffer terrible sadness after visiting the new school guidance counselor, Ms. Spectra. Turns out, she’s a ghost that feeds on the misery of teenagers to keep herself looking young and beautiful, alongside her assistant, Bertrand.

In one fight, Danny goes up against Bertrand, who’s transformed himself into a ghost bug and attacks the school. The corny quote above hilariously matched the situation at hand, albeit it was also obviously there for the taking.

6 Wittiest: “Then Pretend That Didn’t Hurt!”

Danny and Johnny 13 Danny Phantom

Johnny 13 was never Danny’s favorite ghost, especially since Johnny tried to use Danny’s sister Jazz as a host for his girlfriend Kitty the first time Danny came across the motorcycle-riding bad boy.

However, the two unite in order to get Kitty to go back to Johnny after she’s possessed a girl in Danny’s school and dates Danny to make Johnny jealous. Danny and Johnny stage a fight in front of her, and Danny says this quote when Johnny complains that it was only supposed to be a pretend fight.

5 Wittiest: “You’re Right, Dash. Let’s Follow The Other Kid Who Comes From A Family Of Ghost Hunters And Knows How To Work All Their Gear.”

Danny and Dash in Danny Phantom

Not many have the opportunity to show up their bullies in front of the whole school, but Danny seized the moment perfectly in “Pirate Radio.” Dash isn’t so keen to follow Danny’s lead in his plan to retrieve their parents from Youngblood and Ember, and Danny’s comeback is the ultimate burn.

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Danny knew what to say and truly proved himself as a leader in this Season 2 episode.

4 Corniest: “Hey, No-Hit Wonder! Mind If I Jam With The Band?”

Danny and Ember in Danny Phantom

Ember is one of the most memorable villains to come out of the Nickelodeon cartoon, given her attitude and catchy songs. She makes her first appearance in “Fanning the Flames,” and manages to mess with Danny and Sam severely by putting a love spell on the former. This does not bode well for her, as once the spell is broken, Danny comes after her with a vengeance, exclaiming this corny insult, alongside others.

3 Wittiest: “The Only Thing I’m Begging For Is For You To Try Some Mouthwash!”

Walker and Danny Danny Phantom

Walker is an old-timey but formidable warden of the Ghost Zone, similar to a Clint Eastwood character in a Western movie. He has his host of goons and a grudge against Danny.

In “Public Enemies,” Walker creates a mess of trouble for Danny as he and his goons take over Amity Park and make Danny look like the bad guy. Still, Danny finds time to insult Walker with this quote in response to Walker insisting that Danny would be racing for the Ghost Zone after Walker was finished with his hometown.

2 Corniest: “Hey Vortex! Today’s Forecast? Partly Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain!”

Vortex Vlad and Danny Danny Phantom

Sometimes the corny quips are there for the picking. Such is the case with this particular quote from “Torrent of Terror.” When villainous Vortex, whose powers cover all things weather, is brought to Amity Park by Vlad as part of a plan, things get out of control and he leaves the world in danger with a loose Vortex.

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Danny’s initial attempt to stop the villain ends in Danny accidentally gaining some of Vortex’s power, which proves helpful in the next battle, and in which Danny hilariously uses this quote and defeats the raging supervillain.

1 Wittiest: “Oh Yeah, You And What Toaster?”

Danny and Jazz in Danny Phantom

This is undoubtedly one of Danny’s most beloved comebacks. It’s definitely a unique, witty, and slightly corny answer to his sister’s exclamation of “You’re toast!” Forced to duel his sister by none other than Vlad Plasmius in “Secret Weapons”, Danny and Jazz wind faking the entire thing and fooling Vlad. That’s not necessarily hard to do, but Danny and Jazz not only managed to outwit him, they also made up regarding their fight earlier on in the episode. In this equation, Vlad was pretty much, well, the toast.

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