10 Questions Still Unanswered In Netflix’s Code 8


Released in 2019, Netflix’s Code 8 was produced by and stars CW stalwarts and cousins Robbie and Stephen Amell (who dons one of the best archer costumes on TV in Arrow). The film builds up a universe that is intricately inspired by other sci-fi superhero movies while also taking cues from real-world economic disparity. It is also commendable for a project that had such a limited budget to have reached number 1 on Netflix’s top 10 list in April 2020.

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The Jeff Chan-directed movie was set to have a series spin-off after it was picked up by streaming service Quibi. Alas, Quibi recently folded, leaving Code 8‘s franchise future uncertain. Which is a shame, considering that certain questions still remain unanswered despite the superb universe that writer Chris Paré has built. Will fans ever get an answer?

10 The Reason Behind People Being Born With Powers


While there are many action heroes that don’t have superpowers, Code 8 clearly establishes that there are powered individuals who comprise 4% of the universe’s population. These people were of great value in the city’s workforce, only to be replaced by machines in the past. Since, then these marginalized individuals have been deemed a threat to society, with the government placing them under strict surveillance and even using brute force to keep them in check.

However, it is never explained how or why these individuals gained these powers. Were they born into it? Was it the result of some natural mutation? Or did some genetic manipulation cause it? While the movie tends to focus on the societal dilemmas of such powered individuals, no explanation regarding the cause of this reality has been provided.

9 The Different Kinds Of Powers That Exist In The Code 8 Universe

Unlike movies that belong to the Marvel or DC franchises, Code 8 does not have a rich comic book base to help people deeply understand its universe. For this very reason, not much is known about the powers that exist in the universe.

While there are individuals who possess powers of telekinesis (TK), electrokinesis (Electric), super-strength (Brawns), pyrokinesis (Pyro), telepathy (Reader), shapeshifting (Shapeshifter), and even healing (Healers), not much is said about what other powers exist. Connor’s (Robbie Amell) mother (Kari Matchett) is seen to be a powered individual who might be a cryokinetic, but not many details about those powers are provided.

8 What happened to Connor’s brother?

Code 8’s reason for success has to be the 2016 eponymous short film and Indiegogo campaign that helped gather funds to make it into a feature. In the short, it was shown that Robbie Amell’s character Connor had an ailing mother as well as a younger brother.

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The short movie, which has over 6 million views on YouTube, definitely has myriad fans who would have liked the younger brother to become a part of the storyline and maybe even have superpowers of his own. Unfortunately, the writer and director decided to completely omit that character from the feature.

7 Who Are The Trust?

Much of the movie’s actions are driven by Garrett’s (Stephen Amell) boss Marcus Sutcliffe (Greg Byrk) being indebted to a mysterious organization known as The Trust. They are represented only by an icy Wesley Cumbo (Peter Outerbridge) and the shapeshifting assassin Copperhead (Sarah Hoedlmoser). Like real-life mafia kingpins, The Trust comes off as an elite organization that belongs to the upper-echelons of Lincoln City’s organized crime world.

Regardless, no specific details about their agenda or their goals have been elaborated upon in the movie. However, it can be easily surmised that The Trust would play an important role in the spinoff series, as Garrett is seen making deals with Cumbo towards the movie’s end.

6 The details about power levels and their significance

Similar to the different powers that exist in the Code 8 universe, not much detail is provided regarding what the specific power levels mean or signify. While it is understood that a powered-individual with a higher “class” of power, is more powerful than those with a lower “class,” nothing further is elaborated, as is done with omega-level mutants or others in the X-Men movies.

While it is seen that Sutcliffe’s Brawn bodyguard Rhino (Simon Northwood) is bulletproof, fans would remember how Connor’s friend, a Class 2 Brawn, got pierced by bullets in the 2016 short, raising doubts regarding how power levels make a difference.

5 The Reason Behind Nia’s Father’s Incarceration

Code 8 clearly reveals that the reason behind Nia (Kyla Kane) having to heal Sutcliffe is because her father is indebted to the latter. However, as the movie comes to a close, an emotional Nia reunites with her father who is incarcerated in prison.

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As joy lights up both the character’s faces, no explanation is given as to why Nia’s father is behind bars. As the movie successfully manages to wrap up her character’s story, it is unlikely that this aspect would be delved into any further in any future installments of Code 8.

4 Is Detective Park A Powered Individual?

Detective Alex Park’s (Sung Kang) character is one that is shrouded in mystery and unanswered questions. It is made quite obvious that his daughter is telekinetic and has trouble controlling her powers at school. This daughter is also the “she” Detective Davis alluded to while stating that Park’s feelings about her are “blinding him” regarding the dangers a powered individual possesses to society.

It is also implied that powers are hereditary in nature (Connor’s mother is a cryokinetic and his father was electrokinetic), giving rise to theories that Park might have powers of his own, which he hides to steer clear of a prejudiced and biased police system and society. It is probably for this very reason that he can empathize closely with the plight of powered individuals in Lincoln City.

3 Is Garett Going To Develop Into The Franchise’s Primary Antagonist?

While Sutcliffe remained the primary villain in Code 8, Garrett Kent, his underling with ambitions to rise to the top of the criminal underworld, might have been the primary antagonist should the spinoff have happened.

Although the synopsis of the Quibi series stated that Kent and Connor join forces to fight against corrupt cops and elite forces of power, chances are that Garrett might utilize Connor to his advantage and further his goal of dismantling another criminal empire and taking it as his own. After all, he does live by the motto “Take what you came here for.” 

2 What Are The Effects Of Psyke?

Psyke, the mysterious drug in Code 8 that is made using the spinal fluids of powered individuals, is seen as the bane of Lincoln City and the most lucrative business avenue for the criminally involved. However, very few details regarding its effects are provided in the movie.

Although it is understandable that this is not a drug-themed movie, Sutcliffe’s recurring respiratory condition is revealed to be a side effect of Psyke addiction. However, for a drug that has gained such notoriety, it does raise the question as to why people are so deeply addicted to it despite knowing that it can prove to be fatal.

1 What Becomes Of The Powers-Ban Bill?

As the movie comes to a close, it is shown that the non-powered people in the community have come to the streets to protest against the death of many police officers as a direct result of the Psyke heist that Garrett and his team executed. Therefore, a bill for the complete ban on powers is said to have been proposed, though no details regarding its actual outcome are provided.

Regardless, it can be surmised that the Powers-Ban Bill would be passed unanimously, creating new societal dynamics and obstacles for the ostracized superheroes to fight against in the spinoff series that may never happen.

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