10 Things That Make No Sense About The Patients


Considering Grey’s Anatomy has over 350 episodes, it’s safe to say that fans believe the writers are doing a good job. From the dynamic characters to the intriguing storylines, the viewers love to tune in to see what their favorite surgeons are getting up to. However, that is not to say that there aren’t some things they wouldn’t want to change.

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Fans might not realize but a lot of the patients’ storylines and cases don’t exactly make a lot of sense. Sometimes it’s because of a writing inconsistency. Sometimes it’s because of a continuity error but most of the time it’s because of medical inaccuracy. Here are some examples.

10 The Doctors Showing Nepotism Towards Their Own


Over the last 17 seasons, there have been a lot of characters that have been on death’s door. In season 14, fans were surprised to see April’s life hang in the balance after she got in an accident, which resulted in her falling into a lake. When April arrived at the hospital, it was revealed that she had no pulse and was hypothermic.

For hours, the viewers saw the doctors take several turns to help keep the circulation going, eventually placing her on bypass. However, what didn’t make sense is why they spent hours working on April when she wasn’t stable. There have been plenty of episodes where the doctors have called time on a patient after they had been down 20 minutes. Why doesn’t the same procedure apply here when April was in a worse condition?

9 Recovery Period For Deluca?

In one of the show’s most controversial storylines, the viewers also saw the loyalties between the Grey-Sloan surgeons were divided after it was revealed that Alex had almost beat Deluca to death. Fans were shocked to see the extent of his injuries, especially as Jackson informed everyone that Deluca had suffered a broken nose, a fractured eye socket, and a fractured clavicle.

When fans got a glimpse of Deluca, it was clear that he was going to be out of commission for weeks. However, fans were quite surprised to see him back at work just a couple of days after the attack. Considering the operation he had, was it practical for him to be scrubbing in on surgeries? Surely, the recovery time is usually longer.

8 Denny Leaving $8.7 Million To Izzie

Within the last 17 years, fans will also agree that there has been a lot of romances that have had quite an impact on fans. But that’s not to say all of them were well-received by fans. A prime example of this being the Denny Duquette saga.

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The writers made it out to be a tragic love story. However, hindsight has made a few people change their minds. Not only was this relationship unethical and unprofessional, but why would they become engaged when they didn’t know anything about each other personally. If Denny really loved Izzie, he would have at least told her about his family life and not allow her to be ambushed by his father.

7 The Man Who Watches Adult Movies For Pain Relief

Another patient storyline that didn’t make much sense was the one where a patient watched an adult movie for pain relief. In season 2, Bailey and the interns were taken aback when they discovered that one of their patients was watching an erotic movie on the tv to help with his pain management.

Although he ran into a problem when the power cut out, he managed to find a new form of relief when Cristina decided to tell him a story. However, what fans can’t seem to figure out is why he didn’t have a back-up plan. Could he not have been more discreet by bringing a portable DVD player? Or an erotic novel? While he didn’t deserve to be in pain, it did seem like he was embarrassing his wife. This situation did look like it could have been avoided.

6 The Man With A Bomb In His Chest

If there was one episode in season 2 that stood out the most, it would have to be the one where there was a bomb threat. Here, the viewers saw Meredith, Cristina, Derek, and Burke put their lives on the line as they worked to extract the bomb out of the patient’s abdomen while attempting to keep him alive.

However, what fans can’t seem to figure out is how the patient managed to come out of the operation healthy and well. Not only did he spend a few hours being moved from room to room (while his chest was open) but the rocket did explode. In fact, it caused quite a bit of destruction to the corridor and almost killed Meredith. How did Burke manage to keep a steady hand when it went off?

5 Izzie’s Hallucinations Of Ghost Denny

Although season 5 was a fan favorite, most fans will agree that it still had some faults. One plot the viewers couldn’t seem to understand is how the writers approached Izzie’s tumor. As many fans remember, Izzie began to hallucinate that Denny was alive and began a romantic relationship with him.

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What didn’t make sense to fans was why Izzie took so long to figure it out. She recognized that something was wrong but was quite happy to remain oblivious to the problem. She even allowed it to distract her from her work-life. Considering she was a doctor, it seemed irrational and irresponsible to do so. It also felt a little strange that a tumor (with a 5% survival rate) didn’t have any long term effects.

4 The Woman Who Kept A Lion As A Pet

Season 8 was also seen to have some very memorable medical cases. There was the miracle of heart-in-the-box, the conjoined twins’ separation case, Callie rebuilding a man’s hand from scratch, and Derek managing to successfully remove an ‘inoperable’ tumor. However, no one could forget the woman who had a pet lion.

It’s quite apparent where the issue lies in this case. For one, fans didn’t understand why and how she kept a lion as a pet. How did none of her neighbors hear it when they were at home? How did she even acquire the feline in the first place? Logically, it made no sense whatsoever.

3 The Guy In Cement

As many people know, there have been some strange operations that have been dramatic and action-packed. However, there is the odd occasion where the writers have thought too much ‘outside of the box.’ This could be seen in the season 4 finale when the surgeons were seen working on a teenager who got himself stuck in concrete.

While some fans loved it, some viewers in the medical community found some issues with the plotline. They stated that not only would the appliance of vinegar have “caused more burns” but electrolyte abnormalities would be “unlikely.” If this is true then the writers may have to improve their researching skills.

2 The Man Who Had Spinal Fluid Dripping From His Nose

During the early stages of the chief resident race, fans saw Sydney Heron and Bailey square off and fight for control in the clinic. Since Sydney and Bailey were concentrating too much on their rivalry, they almost discharged a patient who had spinal fluid leaking out of his nose.

In this instance, what didn’t make sense was the patient’s background history. If this was his fourth time returning to the clinic, why had the doctors attempted to brush him off again? All previous treatment hadn’t worked so why didn’t they order the extensive tests the second time he came?

1 The Man Who Survived A 12,000ft Fall

Another bizarre case that fans would never forget was the one where a patient fell 12,000ft and survived. In season 4, the surgeons were all shocked to discover the patient alive and well after the EMTs revealed he had been in a bad skydiving accident.

Along with the rest of the fans, the surgeons were even more surprised to discover that Rick had managed to walk away with no serious injuries. He only needed an appendectomy. However, this was where the problem lay. There was no way that he would have no internal injuries or damaged organs. His head and back would have definitely taken some damage.

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