4 Romances That Ended Too Soon (& 6 That Didn’t End Soon Enough)


Even in the world of angels, demons, and killers, there’s space for love and romance. Lucifer is a prime example of that. With its fifth season in full swing, the show has already introduced many great characters. And since they’re not all about work, they also find time to build romances with others.

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However, with so many complications the characters face on an almost daily basis, it will come as no surprise that their happily ever after doesn’t always happen. In fact, it seems quite rare. The Lucifer couples argue, love, but also betray each other. And some of them went on for far too long while others ended too soon.

10 Didn’t End Soon Enough: Chloe And Pierce

Marcus Pierce and Chloe Decker in Lucifer


The problem in the relationship between Chloe and Marcus Pierce wasn’t that Pierce was her boss. It was the fact that it was based on false pretenses. Pierce was lying about his identity to Chloe, as he was, in fact, the immortal Cain.

He also only pretended to like her, and even though he fell for her for real later, he was still overly willing to endanger Chloe’s life.

9 Ended Too Soon: Lucifer And Chloe

Lucifer season 5 loves Chloe

Yes, Lucifer and Chloe are now together – more or less – but they had to broke up multiple times. First, Chloe kissed Lucifer, he ran away and came back with his fake wife Candy. Then when Chloe told him she loved him and they kissed again in the fourth season’s finale, Lucifer couldn’t stay with her and had to go back to Hell to rule it.

It seems like these two simply can’t catch a break.

8 Didn’t End Soon Enough: Lucifer And Linda

Technically, Lucifer and Linda weren’t a real couple in the first place – it was more of a, albeit regular, hook-up. That was also wrong on the moral level since Lucifer was Linda’s patient and he was paying her for her services with sex.

Luckily, it didn’t take Linda long to realize that she had to be more professional with Lucifer. They later went on to become good friends and there are no hard feelings between them.

7 Ended Too Soon: Dan And Charlotte

Dan Espinosa and Charlotte Richards in Lucifer

This relationship started unusually since when they met and got to know each other, Charlotte wasn’t the real Charlotte but Lucifer’s mom in her body. However, once the Goddess left, Charlotte became herself again, although she was confused because of the memory loss.

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She somewhat got over it as she and Dan grew closer. Their relationship could have become much deeper but Charlotte died when she saved Amenadiel from Pierce. Dan then mourned her and kept her picture on his desk.

6 Didn’t End Soon Enough: Maze And Amenadiel

Just like Lucifer and Linda, Amenadiel and Maze simply work better as friends. They weren’t ever in love, their relationship was mostly physical. Not to mention that Amenadiel originally intended to manipulate Maze, which was positively devilish from him (pun intended).

Maze later tried to rekindle their romance, but it was in despair, and they quickly conceded that they worked better off as friends.

5 Ended Too Soon: Chloe And Dan

Chloe Decker Trixie Decker and Dan Espinosa in Lucifer Season 4

Yes, these two seem to work better as friends – and they make wonderful parents to their equally amazing daughter Trixie. Still, it would have been interesting to see more of what their relationship was like before.

By the time the first season of Lucifer starts, Chloe and Dan have already mostly broken up, so the audience missed all the potentially intriguing moments of their previous romance – like getting together in the first place, for example. At least one flashback episode dedicated to this could be a nice surprise from the show’s creators.

4 Didn’t End Soon Enough: Lucifer And Eve

Lucifer Morningstar and Eve in Lucifer

Any relationship where one partner is more emotionally invested than the other will rarely ever end well. That was also the case for Lucifer and Eve. When Eve came back, she still loved Lucifer, wanted to be with him more than anything else and was convinced he felt the same.

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But Lucifer was already in love with Chloe at this point, and even though he got back together with Eve for a while, his heart wasn’t really in it. That was unfair to both of them, but Eve more than Lucifer since she deserved better.

3 Ended Too Soon: Eve And Maze

Could Maze and Eve have been a couple? Possibly. Maze was in love with Eve (she still is) and Eve also cared for Maze. Just not the way Maze wanted her to. They started out as friends and Maze originally helped Eve to work on her relationship with Lucifer.

But she eventually grew tired of Eve’s obsession with Lucifer and confronted her about it. Eve disappeared from the show in its fifth season, but considering the open ending of her and Maze’s relationship, it would be a good idea if she came back.

2 Didn’t End Soon Enough: Chloe And Michael

Lucifer Chloe Michael

Chloe Decker has bad luck when it comes to meeting men who lie to her and try to use her for their own advantage. That was the case with Pierce, and at the beginning of the fifth season, also with Lucifer’s evil twin brother Michael. Michael was jealous of Lucifer and decided to break Chloe’s heart to mess with his brother.

When he got to know Chloe better, he changed his mind and wanted to live as Lucifer instead. Luckily, Chloe quickly called Michael on his bluff – and then shot him four times, which was a deserved move from her side.

1 Didn’t End Soon Enough: Ella And Pete

Ella Pete Lucifer

Ella Lopez is one of the most lovable characters on the show. A geek, talkative, smart, loving, and friendly – but with a bad taste when it comes to men. When Ella met the journalist Pete, it looked like she’d finally get to be with a nice guy who treated her right. Pete was just as geeky as Ella, sweet, and attentive.

Unfortunately, it later turned out it was all an act and Pete was, in fact, the serial killer Chloe was trying to find. It won’t come as a surprise that Ella wasn’t thrilled when she found this out and learned that Pete’s original plan was to kill her as well.

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