5 Horror Movie Killers Who Would Survive A Terminator Attack (& 5 Who Would Be Terminated)


Everyone knows that there’s one really essential ingredient to the success or failure of a horror film or franchise, and that is the killer. Whether supernatural or merely human, these are the creatures that seem to be the product of the darkest parts of the human imagination. Many of these beings have some truly prodigious kill counts, and it’s hard not to have at least a bit of awe for the kinds of slaughter that they are able to unleash.

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However, it’s also worth thinking about which of these horror film killers would survive an attack from the infamous terminator, and which ones wouldn’t.

10 Survive: Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street


There are so many reasons that Freddy Krueger deserves to be on this list. For one thing, he’s just a powerful being with a fascinating backstory, able to destroy people in their dreams and in their lived bodies.

Also, he deserves credit for this dude for being able to come back from the dead at all. Given that his powers seem to be pretty substantial, it seems pretty likely that if any horror movie killer was going to be able to stand up to a Terminator, it would have to be Freddy.

9 Terminated: Norman Bates

Norman Bates is one of those characters that has gone down in horror lore as the quintessential serial killer. Of course, it helps that he has a fascinating character biography and that, in the end, he’s just such a tremendously strange person.

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For all of that, the fact remains that he’s still a pretty basic sort of guy and, as such, it doesn’t seem particularly likely that he’d be able to survive an attack from the likes of the Terminator.

8 Survive: Jason

Jason Vorhees with hockey mask

Fans have to give props to Jason. He’s one of those horror movie killers that just keeps coming back for more (and changing appearances throughout his films), no matter what gets thrown at him. Not only that, but he managed to go at it with Freddy Krueger and come out on top.

While it would probably be a bit of a close fight between him and a Terminator, if Jason can take down the likes of Krueger, it seems pretty likely that he would also be able to defeat a robot, even if it is a powerful one.

7 Terminated: Michael Myers

Michael Myers

Michael Myers is, it has to be said, a pretty terrifying villain. Of course, whenever someone appears in a mask it makes them even more frightening than they would be otherwise. At the same time, it has to be said that he’s not a particularly powerful villain.

In fact, it sometimes seems like he can be taken out pretty quickly and easily once the circumstances are just right (and it helps that he’s faced some powerful foes). A Terminator would probably realize this pretty quickly and make short work of him.

6 Survive: The Thing

The titular monster in The Thing

The Thing is the titular creature in a movie that only became regarded as a classic after its initial release (so, many people missed quite a few important details about it). However, that shouldn’t blind anyone to just how terrifying this creature is.

With its ability to take the shape of almost anything, it seems to have powers that are beyond what most humans have encountered. Even the formidable likes of the Terminator would probably find itself hard-pressed to do away with it permanently, and who knows, the Thing might even be able to become a Terminator in its own right.

5 Terminated: Leatherface

Some horror killers loom quite large in the collective imagination, and Leatherface is definitely one of those. As with Myers, a lot of this comes from the fact that he wears a mask over his face, and this automatically makes him more terrifying than a regular horror movie villain.

As scary as he is, however, it’s pretty clear that he’s still pretty limited in his physical abilities and, as such, he’s not really in the best position to take on a Terminator and survive.

4 Survive: Xenomorph

Alien Xenomorph Close-Up

Now the Xenomorph is, without a doubt, one of the most terrifying horror movie killers ever created. It’s one of those things that is just, quite simply, the embodiment of everything humans fear most. And, as each film in the Alien franchise has made clear, it’s also a tremendously powerful kind of creature, able to wreak incredible damage on anyone that gets into its path.

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That being the case, it’s not hard to imagine one of them even being able to take out a Terminator in pretty short order.

3 Terminated: Chucky

Bride of Chucky - Heart of Damballa

Who isn’t terrified by Chucky? It’s not as if dolls aren’t terrifying enough on their own, but then to have one that can come to life and kill people is just a bit too much. However, the fact remains that, in his essence, Chucky is little more than a toy, even if he does have a fascinating backstory.

It’s easy to imagine a Terminator taking one look at Chucky, evaluating the small threat that he posed, and then proceeding to blast him into a thousand pieces without even giving it another thought.

2 Survive: Predator

LIke the Xenomorph, the Predator is another fearsome creature, rendered all the more so because it is so silent. It’s very hard for humans to really understand an entity that doesn’t speak or really communicate in any meaningful way, and that’s partly why it has so many great moments throughout the franchise.

More importantly, the creature also seems to be incredibly adept at hunting and overpowering its victims (they do hunt xenomorphs, after all), so it seems pretty likely that it would be able to detect the weaknesses in the Terminator and dispense with it.

1 Terminated: Ghostface

Ghostface killer in Scream

Anyone who has seen any of the films in the Scream franchise knows that there are many different people who occupy the identity of the serial killer known as Ghostface (a person that will most likely appear in the next film).

While some of them can be quite intimidating, though, it’s also true that they’re fundamentally human. Given the fact that none of them are able to overcome even their human opponents, is there anyone who seriously thinks that these people would be able to confront a Terminator, let alone be able to survive an attack by one?

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