5 Stephen King Characters Who Would Survive A Terminator Attack (& 5 Who Would Be Terminated)


When it comes to horror, no one can hold a candle to Stephen King. Not only has he produced some of the most iconic works of horror fiction in the latter half of the 20th century; he has also been staggeringly prolific, with numerous books and short stories to his name. He has a knack for creating fascinating characters, both heroes and villains, and they make memorable appearances in the movies based on his books (which can be both good and bad).

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While some are quite powerful (and terrifying), others are quite normal. It’s worth thinking about, then, which ones would be likely to survive a Terminator attack and which ones, for lack of a better term, would be terminated.

10 Survive: Roland

Idris Elba as Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower


Roland is, of course, the gunslinger from The Dark Tower. In both his book and film forms, he’s a formidable opponent, and he’s faced down beings of truly great power, including his nemesis Flagg.

If any human character would be able to withstand a Terminator attack, it would definitely have to be Roland. Not only that, but he would almost certainly be able to take the robot out. When the smoke cleared, he’d still be standing there, ready to take on whatever was sent against him next.

9 Terminated: Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance The Shining Closeup

Ah, Jack Torrance. Memorably brought to manic life by Jack Nicholson (who beat out several other actors), he’s definitely an incredibly unpleasant character, one who doesn’t really seem to have much fondness for his wife or his son.

As murderous and dangerous as he might be to them, however, it’s truly hard to imagine him having any sort of a chance against the likes of the Terminator. In fact, it seems incredibly likely that the Terminator would get rid of him without really batting an eye.

8 Survive: Randall Flagg

Matthew McConaughey as Randall Flagg in The Dark Tower

In all of the various mythologies crafted by Stephen King, the character of Flagg looms large. He wanders from world to world under various names, causing as much chaos and ruin as he can, often with little to no penalty.

He’s a sorcerer of incredible power, and this means that it would take a powerful force to counter him or to defeat him. It’s truly hard to imagine even the most sophisticated Terminator models being able to do so, and Flagg would certainly make short work of anyone who got in his way.

7 Terminated: Annie Wilkes

Brought to life with memorable intensity by the great Kathy Bates (in one of her best roles), Annie Wilkes is the kind of fan that is the stuff of authors’ nightmares, and she has some truly unforgettable moments.

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She certainly doesn’t seem to have much trouble causing all sorts of physical harm, but the fact remains that she’s basically just a human being, and she would probably lack the supernatural strength and abilities that would allow her to survive an attack from one of popular culture’s most formidable robots, let alone to defeat it.

6 Survive: Pennywise

Stephen King has created many memorable monsters throughout the years, but even in his vast panoply of characters, Pennywise stands out.

For one thing, it’s appearance as a clown is the stuff of which almost everyone’s nightmares are made, and for another it just seems so incredibly, cosmically powerful. There probably isn’t much doubt in anyone’s mind that if a Terminator were to confront Pennywise that it would be obliterated.

5 Terminated: Gordie

Stand By Me is a bit of a strange piece of fiction from King, since it doesn’t really have very many of the horror elements that people usually expect from him. Still, it’s a touching little story, and Gordie is a very appealing type of character.

However, it has to be admitted that he’s exactly the type of character that wouldn’t stand even a little bit of a chance against the likes of the Terminator. The poor fellow would be done away with in very, very short order.

4 Survive: He Who Walks Behind The Rows

Children of the Corn 3 - He Who Walks Behind the Rows Monster

Many of Stephen King’s works feature creatures that are so vastly powerful that they terrify simply by that aspect alone. That is certainly the case with the creature known as He Who Walks Behind the Rows, the entity that induces children to sacrifice their parents and anyone who grows out of their teenage years.

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Like all such creatures, it’s hard to say just how much power it has, but it does seem pretty clear that a Terminator, no matter how powerful, would be no match for it.

3 Terminated: Paul Edgecomb

Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb in The Green Mile

Paul Edgecomb is the hero of The Green Mile, memorably portrayed by the great Tom Hanks, who brings his signature warmth and sincerity to the role. Again, though, it doesn’t really matter how nice a person is when they’re confronted with a being like the Terminator.

In fact, it’s precisely his niceness that would probably get Paul into trouble, and the poor guy would probably be terminated before he even knew what hit him.

2 Survive: Carrie

Carrie is, without a doubt, one of King’s finer creations. At once compelling and yet terrifying, she’s exactly the kind of character that he excels at bringing into being.

Her supernatural psychic abilities are, of course, one of her most notable characteristics (and something she shares with a lot of Stephen King characters), and it seems clear that if any of the human characters that King has created were to be able to do battle with something like the Terminator and manage to survive it, it would have to be Carrie (and who wouldn’t want to see that confrontation actually go down?).

1 Terminated: Louis Creed

Jason Clarke in Pet Sematary Remake 2019

Pet Sematary is one of the most chilling of King’s novels, and it says a great deal about it that it has been made into not one but two different films. Each one has something particularly frightening about it, and the most recent one is actually quite good.

The main character, Louis Creed, is a bit of an idiot, though, and he seems determined to make all of the wrong decisions when it comes to the burial ground outside of his house. Given his signature lack of judgment, it doesn’t seem very likely that he would have what it takes to survive an encounter with the Terminator.

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