A Look At Kim Plath’s Ugly Side


Welcome to Plathville fans are having a closer look at matriarch Kim Plath’s ugly side, as she often comes across as cold and unfeeling.

Fans are starting to get a look at Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath’s ugly side as season two gets under way. The mother of nine to Ethan, Hossona, Micah, Moriah, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy comes across as a bit controlling as she tries too often to keep her children in line.

The enormous Plath family are no longer tight-knit, like viewers saw in the first season, and have broken up into three separate households. Now Barry, Kim, and their younger kids have moved into a new home only three blocks away from oldest son Ethan and his wife Olivia, who has taken a major step back from her inlaws. Micah is now a model and Moriah is dating, and both have also moved out into their own, rule-free home. This season, the Plath family will be tested as their whole family dynamic changes…and not for the best.

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TLC fans have always felt that Barry and Kim were a bit hypocritical, since in the first season they explained to cameras that they had lived their lives to the fullest and made bad decisions like drinking, sex, and drugs, but now they wanted to hide their children from those tempting ideas. Kim, in particular, comes off cold towards her older children and fans believe there are two sides to the mother.


As of now, fans do not think the TV show has brought any good into the family’s life. The series has brought a feud between the parents and their older offspring, and heartbreak for all of their children. Kim and her husband have come under fire for their beliefs and methods, which include prohibiting the watching of TV, drinking soda, and having a cell phone, as many believe this lifestyle is way too extreme. TLC viewers have learned that Kim bases her moral compass on her own life, which has been difficult and full of serious mistakes. During the first season, the mother revealed that she had driven drunk and often woke up not knowing where she was, saying, “I could’ve died so many different ways.” Kim attended Florida State University, where she majored in music, but she is now a naturopathic healer. Fans are also aware that they lost their 17-month-old son, Joshua, in a tragic farm accident where Kim hit him with her car.

Even though her faith has seen her through the stormy nights, fans do not believe she should project her fears and bad life choices onto her children, who, at this rate, have no say or control over their lives at all. TLC fans are hoping that the mother of nine can relax her stringent rules a little bit, but no one is holding their breath.

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Welcome To Plathville airs Tuesday at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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