Age, Height, And 8 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Daisy Ridley


An English-born actress, Daisy Ridley’s career saw a sudden boost to success when she was cast as Rey in the Star Wars sequel franchise. Essentially unknown, her career was limited to bit parts prior to her work in Star Wars, but since then, she has had steady roles, including one in the star-studded remake of Murder On The Orient Express, as well as lending her voice to “Cotton-Tail” in the retelling of the famous children’s story, Peter Rabbit.

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Like several of her Star Wars co-stars, Ridley has chosen to limit her appearances on social media. Though she understandably seeks to keep some parts of her personal life private, the actress is still happy to open up about her career and share many interesting tidbits about herself in interviews.

10 She Is 28 Years Old

daisy ridley on the beach


Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley was born in London, England on April 10th, 1992. The youngest of five children, two of her sisters are also named after flowers – Kika Rose and Poppy Sophia.

Close with her siblings since her sudden rise to stardom, Ridley claims that her sisters have helped her through some of the more overwhelming moments of her newfound fame.

9 She Is 5’7

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Rey may look small when standing next to the hulking figure of Kylo Ren, but Daisy Ridley is one of the taller women on the main cast. Carrie Fisher was 5’1, while Kelly Marie Tran is only a bit taller at 5’2.

Ridley stands tall and proud in Star Wars and every other movie she’s in.

8 She Is In A Relationship With A Co-Star

Ridley met fellow actor, Tom Bateman, in 2016 while filming the adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1934 novel, Murder On The Orient Express. Reportedly together since 2017, Ridley has been seen wearing a ring, sparking rumors that the couple may be engaged.

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Ridley declined to verify if either she or Bateman has popped the question, wanting to keep her relationship private, but has admitted shyly that “it’s a really nice ring that I wear.”

7 She Went To A Boarding School

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Daisy Ridley’s interest in the performing arts has been a lifelong passion. At a young age, she won a scholarship to Tring Park School For The Performing Arts, a boarding school that specialized in preparing students for a life in entertainment.

Not the only performer in her family, her great uncle Arnold was also an actor, well known for his work in a popular 1960s sitcom, Dad’s Army.

6 Carrie Fisher Was One Of Her Role Models

daisy ridley carrie fisher star wars

The late, great, Carrie Fisher had decades of experience with being both idolized as well as criticized for her work as Princess Leia. She often gave advice to the newer cast members on how to deal with the stress of fame and the pressure from fans. Ridley has spoken on how she wishes that she had been less reserved and asked her more questions of her role model.

“She was the badass female in Star Wars, and she did all of that hard work and made way for me and Kelly and Keri and Naomi […] she did that with fun and humility, and she was so smart – all of the things that I admire in her.”

5 She Got Her First Tattoo When She Was 15

daisy ridley foot and behind ear tattoo

Though they are hidden in a majority of her roles, Daisy Ridley sports several small tattoos, the first of which she got when she was only 15-years-old and was still attending boarding school.

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The three stars stenciled onto her foot was the first of the actress’s discrete ink. This was followed by the peace sign behind her ear, and an alchemy symbol on her high upper thigh.

4 She Worked As A Bartender Prior To Being Cast In Star Wars

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Daisy Ridley can do a little of everything, – sing, dance, act, even bartend! Prior to being cast in Star Wars, she was working on her acting by day and working at pubs by night. “Not to float my own boat, but I’m a really good bartender.”

She got to show off her skills at a Star Wars wrap party when she jumped behind the bar to help whip up a few drinks when things got a little bit too busy!

3 She Is A Talented Singer

daisy ridley singing on stage and in booth

Her dancing and bartending skills may fly under the radar, but the actress has put her singing talents to good use. In 2016, she performed with Barbra Streisand and Anne Hathaway for the album “Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway”.

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Oscar Isaac has also praised her voice saying, “She sings like a bird. […] Her voice is incredible.” Rumored to always be singing on set, there is even a video floating around of a quick duet with Isaac, treating fans to a cute rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

2 She Auditioned Four Times Before Being Cast As Rey

daisy ridley's rey audition for star wars

Despite being considerably unknown in her acting career, Daisy Ridley blew the producers away with her emotional audition for the starring role of Rey, a force-sensitive scavenger. Ridley was called back four times to read for the part, but her work was never a disappointment.

She found out that she had gotten the role in early 2014, and a few months later, it was publicly announced.

1 Daisy Ridley And John Boyega Call Each Other “Peanut”

john boyega and daisy ridley sitting at table

The close bond between Finn and Rey is a focal point of both The Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi, but in real life, John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are just as close. Complete with cute nicknames for each other, the friends are unashamed to use them, whether they are on set or while interviewing with Entertainment Tonight.

“Yeah, she’s my peanut,” John Boyega says, to which Ridley quickly chimes in that she calls him that too, adding, “The thing is, I think it was me that invented it. But he would never admit that!”

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