Among Us’ Best Names For Non-Sus Crewmates, Explained


There is nothing worse than getting voted out by your fellow Crewmates, so here are some Among Us names that won’t make anyone on your team seem sus.

The easiest way for Crewmates to win a round of Among Us is to quickly vote out the Impostors, since finishing all of the tasks can prove difficult with multiple murderers on the loose. The one mistake that usually leads to the downfall of Crewmates in Among Us, however, is voting out innocent teammates instead of the Impostors. To prevent this, players should be sure to pick a name in Among Us that attracts as little attention as possible.

The names that innocent players should never pick are those that are meant to trick other Among Us players. For example, players that pick a color as their name that is not the color of their character might seem dishonest in the eyes of other players. If an orange player with the name “blue” was in a round, it may make it difficult to discuss who was where during a meeting. This might frustrate players and instantly paint a target on the player with the confusing name.

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The best name in Among Us that players can choose if they want to convince other crewmates that they aren’t suspicious is, of course, their actual name. Especially if they have a common one, putting a real name into Among Us will let others know that the player is trustworthy and not looking to cause any trouble. Even if players are uncomfortable using their actual name in public lobbies, there is no reason they can’t use a random one that sounds real. As long as the name seems legitimate, other Among Us players will have no reason to suspect the player is an Impostor.

Safe Names For Crewmates In Among Us

The crewmates win in a game of Among Us


If players find that using their actual name is too boring, there is still another safe Among Us name option that won’t stir up much trouble. Players can choose to use a name in Among Us of their favorite streamer, such as Pokimane, Corpse, or even known Among Us player Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as their characters identity. Since plenty of people who play Among Us know who these streamers are, players likely wouldn’t seem any more suspicious just for picking that type of name. Choosing some sort of celebrity’s name is also pretty common in public games, meaning that someone with a streamer’s name in Among Us is not going to stand out.

Even if Among Us players choose the perfect name, they are always going to be at risk of a false accusation, and there’s no way of telling when a player chooses their name whether they will end up being the Impostor or not. Its up to Crewmates to do their tasks quickly, report every body they see, and explain themselves well during meetings if they really want to prove to everybody that they are innocent. Considering there is no reason that Impostors can’t have innocent names, Crewmates have to remain on guard even against other Among Us players who seem trustworthy.

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