Animal Crossing Turkey Day Cooking & Toy Day Update Coming This Week


Animal Crossing: New Horizons first-ever Turkey and Toy Days are fast-approaching, as Nintendo enables the events and several new features this week.

As 2020 finally begins coming to its close, a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update promises to send the dismal year off with a festive bang with Turkey and Toy Day events, decorations, and special event characters Franklin and Jingle. The adorable Animal Crossing series has always been best defined by its events, and the scale and popularity of this year’s Nintendo Switch-exclusive entry promise to make this end-of-year celebration one for the books.

After a rough start to the latest game’s take on holiday events with Zipper’s hellish Egg Day, Nintendo has struck a much better balance in the several seasonal events that have come and gone in the long, intervening months since April. The defining game of the era of the deadlier-than-ever COVID-19 pandemic, players sticking to their stay-at-home guns have turned to the cozy life sim to enjoy birthdays, weddings, funerals, and real-world holidays with their AI villagers and human friends online since its fateful March launch. Since the game progresses in real-time and follows the calendar as the days pass, players most recently celebrated Halloween with Jack (and some took some neat souvenirs with them back into the real world).

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Before Animal Crossing: New Horizons rings in the new year, the series’ beloved Turkey Day and Toy Day are still yet to come, and a new Nintendo trailer announces they’ll be enabled at last in a November 19 update. As it has since Animal Crossing: City Folk, Turkey Day will star Franklin the turkey, and players will have a series-first opportunity to cook with him in their Plazas on November 26. Afterward, a wondrous blanket of snow will cover north hemisphere players’ islands and the Santa Claus-inspired reindeer Jingle will make his long-awaited debut in the new game, bringing with him a slew of new decorations and the chance to exchange gifts with players’ favorite villagers.


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