Batman Comics Kill [SPOILER], To Bring Him Back With A Twist


In DC Comics’ upcoming event Future State, a key member of the Bat-family will be killed off, only to return later with an unexpected twist.

In DC’s upcoming Future State event, a key member of the Bat-Family will be killed off, later returning with an unexpected twist. The publisher recently announced their latest initiative, Future State, which will debut in 2021, will be set in the near future and follow a new generation of heroes taking on mantles of their predecessors. The storyline will only span over the course of two months but will shake up the DC Universe as readers know it.

A new Justice League roster will be introduced, along with a new Superman and Batman, while Earth is in need of protectors like never before. As a variety of crises takes place across the world, Gotham-based titles will explore the threat of the Magistrate, who have taken over the city after the reported death of Bruce Wayne. Among the many tie-in books, Future State: Robin Eternal will be written by Meghan Fitzmartin with art by Eddy Barrows, following the adventures of a few Bat-Family members in the midst of the chaos.

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In Robin Eternal #2, former Robin Tim Drake has been killed by the Magistrate. However, with the help of the risky but powerful “Lazarus Resin,” Tim is in the process of recovering his identity. The second issue will follow the former Robin as he fights to complete his mission and blow the sky convoy. Meanwhile, Spoiler and Darcy are attempting to escape Peacekeeper 03, desperately trying to save Tim in the midst of everything else going on around them. The cover and an official synopsis can be seen below:

  • written by MEGHAN FITZMARTIN
  • art by EDDY BARROWS
  • card stock variant cover by DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON
  • ON SALE 2/9/21
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | 2 OF 2 | FC | DC
  • Tim Drake is dead at the hands of the Magistrate. Uh, so why is he getting back up again? With the dangerous and supercharged “Lazarus Resin” coursing through the veins of the hero once known as Robin, can Tim recover enough of his fragile psyche to finish the mission and blow the sky convoy? And can Spoiler and Darcy escape the clutches of Peacekeeper 03 in time to save their friend in the process? It all comes to a head in this cataclysmic finale!

Of course, this is far from the first time that a former Robin has been resurrected with the assistance of Ra’s Al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit. The second Robin, Jason Todd, currently known as Red Hood, was brought back to life by the pool of green after having died at the hands of the Joker. However, when he first returned to life, a crucial part of his psyche had gone missing. He wasn’t the Robin that he used to be. With the Bat-Family resorting to the Lazarus’ power to bring Tim back, there might be some unforeseen consequences. By now, they should know that life comes with a price. If this is an indication of anything, it’s that times are more desperate than ever before in Gotham City.

Although readers can rest assured that Tim Drake doesn’t meet his end in the grand scheme of Future State, it’s unlikely this is the last time the Bat-Family takes advantage of the Lazarus Resin. If it turns out that there aren’t many consequences on the former Robin’s recovery, it might even become second nature to resort to the Resin. Future State: Robin Eternal #2 releases on February 9, 2021.

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