Best Jokes About Steppenwolf’s Justice League Snyder Cut Redesign


The Justice League Snyder Cut Steppenwolf design is the center of some funny jokes and memes following Zack Snyder releasing a new image.

The Justice League Snyder Cut Steppenwolf design is the center of some funny jokes and memes following Zack Snyder releasing a new image. Three years ago today, Justice League hit theaters, but due to Snyder exiting the project before it was completed, and Warner Bros. bringing in Joss Whedon to finish it up, the movie was much different to what Snyder originally intended. Whedon oversaw lengthy reshoots and ended up changing a great deal of Justice League, which resulted in fans calling for the studio to release the Snyder Cut. Earlier this year, it was announced the Justice League Snyder Cut will release on HBO Max in 2021, giving the director a chance for his version of the movie to be seen.

In terms of how different the Snyder Cut will be to the Justice League theatrical cut, the original director has offered hints, teases and outright confirmations for years. For example, it’s been known that the role of the villain Steppenwolf was drastically altered by Whedon for the theatrical cut of Justice League. In Whedon’s Justice League, Steppenwolf’s (Ciarán Hinds) role was reduced, with the film focusing much more on Darkseid (Ray Porter). However, with Snyder returning to his original vision for his upcoming HBO Max release, the villainous Steppenwolf will be much different in the Justice League Snyder Cut. That was evidenced in a new image of Steppenwolf revealed by Snyder on the three-year anniversary of the film’s theatrical debut – and in typical fashion, the internet is poking fun at it.

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On Twitter, folks are making jokes and memes over Steppenwolf’s design in the Justice League Snyder Cut. Many of the jokes have to do with the villain’s heavily pointed armor and the character’s overall divergence from Jack Kirby’s designs from the DC comics. Rian Johnson, director of 2019’s Knives Out, even got in on the fun and offered his own meme, a black and white version of a Steppenwolf/Knives Out meme, referencing Snyder’s penchant for releasing Justice League stills in monochrome. Check out some of the best jokes about Steppenwolf’s design in the Justice League Snyder Cut below.

As seen from the above tweets, there are those that think Whedon’s Steppenwolf design was better, perhaps because it stuck more closely to Kirby’s design. But, there are also those who think Snyder’s design looks better, as comics writer Gail Simone said in a followup tweet to her joke: “I’m joking, but it DOES look a lot better.” Certainly, the Justice League Snyder Cut Steppenwolf design in the new image is much more in line with Snyder’s aesthetics, so it will no doubt fit better within his version – plus it returns to the design as established in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Just as there was a strong reaction to Whedon’s Justice League, there’s sure to be a similarly strong response to the Snyder Cut, but whether it’s more favorable remains to be seen. There are many who believe Snyder’s version will be better, and they undoubtedly have a point that it will at least be a more cohesive movie since it won’t be a hodgepodge of two very different directors’ styles. Still, it won’t be known for sure whether the Justice League Snyder Cut is better than the theatrical cut until it releases next year. Until then, there’s sure to be more looks at (and jokes about) Steppenwolf in the Justice League Snyder Cut.

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