DC Future State’s Black Mask And Scarecrow Revealed


Artist Simone Di Meo’s concept art for DC Future State: Harley Quinn was recently released on Twitter, teasing new looks for Black Mask and Scarecrow.

Of all the reasons to patiently await the arrival of the new year, the release of the much-anticipated DC Future State series should be at the top of the list. The line-wide event will explore the futures of various DC legacy heroes and villains and new character designs have recently been released by artist Simone Di Meo via twitter. The post shows what the future of DC has in store for two fan-favorite villains when they show up in DC Future State: Harley Quinn.

The first character rendition unveiled by Di Meo is the rapacious Black Mask. This sadistic criminal shines throughout the various Batman titles series as the face of corporate greed. His personal vendetta against Bruce Wayne, mixed with his predisposition for psychopathic tendencies, led him to a life of villainy as a crime lord hell-bent on ruling Gotham’s underworld. Di Meo’s art easily and perfectly conveys that visual portrayal of greed and wealth.

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His usual business formal look pops with a white, red, and gold color scheme and fur-lined coat that screams of luxury. The trademark black mask that gives the villain his name in the first place adopts the same color palette with glowing red eyes and gold teeth. Di Meo’s Black Mask combines opulence and malevolence in such a way that captures the villain’s essence exceedingly well.

Black Mask DC Future State


Di Meo also released a design of the sinister Scarecrow, as well as his daytime alter-ego, the psychiatrist Dr. Jonathon Crane. Though because of his multitude of origin stories, the more recent rendition of the character from the New 52 sees a young Crane raised by an abusive father that conducts terrifying, traumatic experiments on the child. As he reached adulthood, he desired an understanding of fear himself as to avoid it forever. This created the fear toxin-wielding villain known as the Scarecrow.

Di Meo’s costume showcases the familiar homemade, neutral look typically worn by the villain, but this Scarecrow has an updated visage, modernized by a head covering reminiscent of a gas mask. Like Black Mask, his glowing eyes (though yellow rather than red) hold a particularly evil aura. The villain looks broodier than ever in this fantastic rendition.

Scarecrow DC Future State

As far as enemies of Harley Quinn goes, Black Mark and Scarecrow are two less explored options. Black Mask’s major role in the film Birds of Prey mean for a possibly similar dynamic in DC Future State: Harley Quinn. Similarly, fans of the Harley Quinn’s animated series know about the rivalry between Scarecrow and Harley Quinn following his abduction of Poison Ivy. But his print character will hopefully have an even larger presence in Harley’s new series. Simone Di Meo’s tweet of these prerelease portrayals hints at exciting new roles for the infamous villains. DC Future State Will begin releasing in January.

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