Disney’s Star Wars Hotel Images Give First Look Inside Guests’ Rooms


The wait is over to see what it will look like inside the first-ever Star Wars hotel when it opens at Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort next year.

The wait is over to see what it will look like inside the first-ever Star Wars hotel when it opens at Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort next year. Disney World—including many of its hotels—has been open at limited capacity since July after being closed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while California’s Disneyland remains closed. The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, which was originally announced along with the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land that has captivated park-goers since its opening last year, is still under construction. But work has continued, and Disney has not veered off course from the cruiser’s target opening as “sometime in 2021,” which of course still leaves some wiggle room for a more specific opening date.

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The hotel has been hyped as the first of its kind, rivaling the blockbuster ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance when it comes to the scope of its theming. Guests will reportedly be assigned roles and become part of a story within the Star Wars universe that takes place during their stay. Fans have been eagerly awaiting what Disney has promised will be an immersive experience that will transport guests seamlessly to the trading post of Batuu, the homeworld for Galaxy’s Edge. So far, though, the studio had only released concept art of what the hotel might look like, including artists’ conceptions of the “ship’s” bridge, cantina, and lightsaber training arena.

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But that changed today when Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro released two photos taken from inside a guest cabin. Well, sort of—per Cinemablend, Disney actually built an exact scale replica of a guest room, since the actual hotel is unfinished. Still, it’s the closest fans have gotten to looking at where they might eventually be sleeping in space. The first photo shows one queen bed in the middle of the small cabin, along with two bunk beds built into pods in the wall. Also visible are some shelves and an entrance to what is probably a bathroom—something we haven’t seen in a Star Wars movie. With rounded corners at the ceiling and archways, along with a color scheme straight out of a classic X-wing fighter, the room looks like the kind of place where Luke Skywalker might have hunkered down on an extended voyage to the outer rim.

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Bunk Bed


But it’s the second photo, taken from the top bunk pod, that reveals even more Star Wars-style discoveries. Most prominent is the “window”—a video screen with a view of the galaxy outside, which will probably remain in motion for the entirety of the trip. There’s also a second screen directly opposite the bed that appears to be displaying flight navigation information—and appears to be the most likely screen to double as a more earthbound TV. Below the window screen, there is a table that pulls out from the wall above some spacey-looking seats, while above the window screen are two circular elements of unknown use—perhaps to project images or lights as part of the “show” guests will be inhabiting.

The new pictures definitely up the anticipation level for Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, but they also raise some questions. For instance, while the “window” screen looks to be an essential and exciting aspect of the immersive experience, will guests feel claustrophobic staying in such a small room that doesn’t even have a real window? The lack of an actual window could be problematic, as could the price tag—a two-night/three-day stay (which will allow for the entire story to play out) is estimated to cost between $1,400-$3,300 per person, putting the experience out of reach for many fans, especially families with kids. No doubt the small hotel will fill its rooms easily, but for too many Star Wars fans, the steep cost could leave them outside the Starcruiser looking in—or not, since there are no windows.

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Source: Cinemablend

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