Fortnite Venom Skin Revealed In Leak


Fortnite’s next Marvel skin is the symbiote Venom, and it will be introduced during the upcoming Marvel Knockout Super Series tournament.

The next Marvel character to join the fray of Fortnite’s Nexus War will be the symbiote Venom, and thanks to a leak players know exactly what he looks like ahead of his reveal. Venom will be the fourth and final character to be released as a part of the Marvel Knockout Super Series, but will he be a hero or a villain?

The Marvel Knockout Super Series is a new series of tournaments that started in October. These are unique tournaments where teams of varying sizes fight one another with Marvel-themed superpowers instead of Fortnite’s usual arsenal of weapons. At the end of each round, the team with the highest number of kills moves on to the next tier of the bracket. There are four tournaments leading up to the grand finals where one team will walk away with $1 million. Each tournament is themed after a new Marvel hero with the past three featuring Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and Black Widow.

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Now it’s time for another antihero to join the battle. Today, Fortnite released a teaser image on its social media pages similar to how it has for all of the other Super Series heroes. Each post featured the same silhouette of Venom with the caption being emojis that represent him. However, VastBlastt on Twitter leaked the next promotional image of Venom, which shows the symbiote in all of his glory. He is a much larger skin than usual, and will likely use a similar model to Big Chuggus or Ripley.

It’s hard to say what role Venom will play in the storyline as his role varies in comics and movies. Venom could be another hero who comes to join Thor and Wolverine in the fight against Galactus, or he could play the role of the villain and hang with Doctor Doom. Then there is Venom who plays the role of the antihero who has no affinity for other heroes but will step in when the well-being of others is threatened. Regardless, he looks awesome.

Hopefully, the image also gives players a glimpse as to what Venom’s pickaxe will be. So far, every hero that has been introduced via the Marvel Knockout Super Series has come with a back bling, glider, and pickaxe. The image shows Venom using his symbiotic hand as a scythe which would be an awesome pickaxe to use in-game. Fortnite has yet to disappoint with its take on Marvel heroes, and Venom looks like will be no different.

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Sources: Fortnite, VastBlastt

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