Gears 5 Multiplayer Update Doubles Content For Xbox Series X Launch


Gears 5 is adding new characters and maps to its multiplayer mode in an update that The Coalition says doubles the game’s content since launch.

Gears 5 is getting its biggest multiplayer update just in time for its Xbox Series X release, introducing a ton of new features, maps, and characters. If players thought Gears 5 was lacking content with its initial release, they may be excited to hear the game’s update is here, and Gears 5 is bigger than ever.

Gears 5 was released last September for PC and Xbox One. It managed to break astonishing records with its release, surpassing games like Fortnite as Xbox’s most played game. Despite this, developer The Coalition decided to push the game one step further. It was recently optimized for the launch of the Xbox Series X, but just a week later, The Coalition announced a relaunch for a multiplayer update which may satisfy players who found its content lacking.

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Xbox announced the Gears 5 Xbox Series X relaunch, saying there’s at least double the content from its initial release. Starting off, the game is adding five new maps, two being entirely new and three being updated from previous games. The updated maps are Gridlock and Clocktower from Gears of War, and River from Gears of War 2. The new maps are Nexus, featuring a Locust stronghold, and Regency, a map set above the clouds. Players may be also excited to hear that seven new characters are joining the roster as well, all being callbacks to the original Locust Wars. The new characters are Anya Stroud, Dizzy Wallin, Tai Kaliso, Lambent Drone, Lambent Grenadier, and Lambent Theron Guard. This is all added on with optimizations for the Xbox Series X/S, as seen with games like Fortnite, offering an option to run the game at an astonishing 120 fps.

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There are a ton of smaller features being added to the game as well. Players can expect 13 new achievements, like Gun Collector, which requires the player to own 360 weapon skins. This gives completionists more achievements to work for. There are also major changes to PvE classes, allowing players to combine characters with any class. This allows people to select characters that weren’t previously available for Horde or Escape, giving a lot more freedom to players in how they set up their team. Players can also expect updates to the Ranked PvP system, daily/weekly PvE challenges, and a new Heroic rarity for cosmetics, which is claimed to be made for the most dedicated Gears players.

The developer managed to push the update just in time with the Xbox Series X/S’ release. This is effective to ensure the game rides on the console’s hype, and Gears 5 deserves all the hype it can get. It is clear that The Coalition put in a lot of effort to get this update done by the console’s release, and players will be excited to play the game with all these new additions on their brand new Xbox console.

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Gears 5 is available on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC now.

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