Godzilla’s Home Could Be Hiding A Secret MonsterVerse Dragon


Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ ancient underwater civilization could be the secret home of Manda, a sea dragon and a classic Toho kaiju.

The ancient underwater civilization introduced in Godzilla: King of the Monsters could be hiding an additional MonsterVerse Titan in the form of Toho’s Manda. The long-forgotten city has been depicted as the home of the MonsterVerse’s Godzilla.

When Godzilla was seemingly killed by the Oxygen Destroyer, Monarch discovered that Godzilla could still be alive somewhere in the depths of the ocean. After descending down into the Hollow Earth tunnels, Monarch stumbled upon the ruins of an ancient civilization. The walls of this place revealed that the people who lived there once revered Godzilla and the Titans as gods. Now, Godzilla uses it as a place to rest and recuperate. Not that much is known about the city, but the King of the Monsters credits confirmed that it was the oldest known civilization on the planet. It was also suggested that it was destroyed by a human-Titan war which occurred thousands of years in the past.

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It’s possible that Godzilla isn’t the only resident of this city. It may be that Manda lives there as well.  In Toho’s movies, he was a sea dragon who first appeared in Atragon. Manda was on-hand for Godzilla’s fight with Ghidorah in Destroy All Monsters, and was a mind-controlled foe of Godzilla in 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars. In Toho’s movies, Manda – whose physical appearance is inspired by the serpent-like dragons from Eastern mythology – is the guardian of an ancient, long-hidden city called Mu, which resides somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.


Though the people of Godzilla’s city are all dead, it does draw some comparisons to Toho’s Mu since both are located underwater. It’s possible Godzilla’s home in the MonsterVerse could take some inspiration from Toho’s Atragon by having Manda be its guardian. Though the residents of the city are long gone, he could still be hibernating in the tunnels nearby, waiting for a threat emerge. If he does indeed exist in the MonsterVerse, he could get a cameo in Godzilla vs. Kong or be given a more significant role in a later movie, such as Godzilla 3.

The precedent for Manda existing in the MonsterVerse has already been established by King of the Monsters. Though Ghidorah is an alien and may be the only member of his species on Earth, he isn’t the MonsterVerse’s only dragon. Details regarding the movie’s missing 11 Titans make it clear that the MonsterVerse is full of dragons. With that in mind, it’s certainly plausible that a creature like Manda is out there somewhere. But if he is around and anywhere near Godzilla’s home, his situation could have been changed by Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The nuke used to revive Godzilla unfortunately wiped out the city too, and may have left Manda with very little left to guard, and may also have taken away his reason for staying in Hollow Earth. Regardless, if Manda were to ever be discovered in the MonsterVerse, he could become a valuable ally for Godzilla in the future.

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