How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla?


It can be helpful to know just how long it takes to charge a Tesla electric car, although the exact time depends on a number of factors.

Whether the owner of a Tesla or flirting with the idea of purchasing one, there are questions that are guaranteed to arise when thinking about maintaining a plug-in electric vehicle (EV). Charging is a huge part of the daily process of having an EV like a Tesla, and the time it may take to charge depends on several different circumstances.

Tesla is an American EV and battery pack manufacturer that currently sits as the most valuable automaker in the world. Since Tesla’s first mass produced Model S sedan rolled off the assembly line in 2012, the brand’s presence has grown exponentially – not just in vehicle fleet but also in charging stations worldwide. Tesla now offers four different EVs built to travel various distances on a single charge, depending on their powertrain and motor options.

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According to the charging page on Tesla’s website, the amount of time it takes to charge a Tesla depends on a multitude of different circumstances. First, it depends if the EV is being charged at home or on the road. Tesla offers home charging stations for $500 that can be installed by a certified electrician. This wall mount promises to completely charge one’s Tesla overnight and specifies 44 miles of range for every hour charged. This adapter is compatible with all four Tesla’s currently available and is a smart option to ensure an EV is sufficiently charged to start each day.

Charging A Tesla On The Go Takes Longer Than Filling Up

Tesla Wall Adapter


While charging at home is a bit of a no brainer, it is the charging while out and about (or on long road trips) that may worry prospective Tesla customers. Fear not, Tesla has implemented over 2,000 supercharger stations in North America alone, boasting over 20,000 superchargers to efficiently juice an EV back to maximum range. According to Tesla’s site, these superchargers take about thirty minutes to recharge a given electric vehicle. Additionally, the Tesla app has the ability to alert its owner when their Tesla is done charging. Think of it as a normal pit stop, but with a little extra free time to grab a microwave burrito or a coffee.

One final option for charging is at a destination charging location. In addition to the supercharger stations, these destination locations have been installed at hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, and offices around the country and offer Tesla owners additional opportunities to recharge. Tesla does not list an estimated charge rate for these locations, but they are likely to be similar to the at-home chargers that run through existing electrical systems. Whether its a full charge during the work day, a few hours during dinner with friends, or just twenty minutes during a quick errand, there are charging stations widely available. While there is no universal timeframe for charging a Tesla, it’s apparent that with the number of stations expanding daily, EV owners should have no trouble finding somewhere to fill up the battery.

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