How To Defeat Kjotve The Cruel in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla


Kjotve the Cruel is the game’s first boss fight. Eivor can utilize well-timed doges and quick attacks to kill Kjotve him and avenge her father.

The prologue of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla comes to a climactic end as Eivor finally gets revenge on Kjotve the Cruel, the man that killed her father. Eivor is ready this time. There is no sparing Kjotve, not in her eyes.

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The first real boss fight of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla not only kicks off the game’s main plot but also introduces the first character in the Order of the Ancients. The Order, as Eivor comes to learn, is a secret organization that has extended its branches around the world. It is what brought the Assassin’s all the way up north and will be the glue that attaches Eivor to the Brotherhood. This guide will focus on how to defeat Kjotve the Cruel and set Eivor on her destined path.

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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Kjotve the Cruel (Boss Guide)

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As players learned in the opening sequence, Kjotve broke his promise of peace to Eivor’s father. Bearing a grudge held since childhood, Eivor has been dreaming of the chance to bring Kjotve to his knees. Now she has it. She calls a holmgang (duel) against Kjotve in front of both their tribes. Hopefully, Eivor has learned the right skills to take him down. 

Kjotve will begin the fight by discarding his weapons and attempting to beat Eivor with his bare fists. Was this wise? Probably not. Was it intimidating? Yea, a little. He’ll lunge at Eivor in an attempt to grab and headbutt him/her. His attacks can not be parried but can be dodged. Wait for him to glow red, dodge the attack, and strike. Eivor should be able to get a swing or two in before Kjotve attacks again. If Kjotve gets his headbutt attack off, Eivor will end up on the ground. Kjotve will quickly follow up with a stomp attack which can be dodge if Eivor gets on his/her feet in time.

Once Kjotve’s health is reduced by a third, he’ll run over to grab his axes. Some of his attacks can now be parried so be on the lookout for his weapons to glow orange. His axes will have a pretty big hitbox so it is imperative that players execute their doges well. Dodging and attacking still remains the best strategy as Kjotve’s heavy attacks will often leave his axes stuck in the ground. Eivor will be able to deal a chunk of damage before she is forced to dodge again. Shooting arrows at Kjotve will be ineffective as he’ll block them like a Jedi blocking lasers. 

After reducing Kjotve’s health by half, he’ll charge at Eivor, pick him/her up and take them both down into a fighting pit. A small cutscene will play and Hytham will attempt to assassinate Kjotve with his hidden blade. His attempt is futile. Kjotve will now pick dead bodies up off the ground and heave them at Eivor along with his usual moves. His attacks will now come more consecutively so Eivor’s best chance is to parry one. Dodging still works, but the high frequency of attacks will punish Eivor should he/she get too greedy. Eivor can deal some ranged damage of her own as Kjotve is picking up bodies. The bow will work well as Kjotve is a huge target and won’t block arrows as often this time. Players should have found the Axe Throw ability by now and can use that to their advantage as well.

After enough damage, Kjotve the Cruel will fall to his knees and Eivor will be prompted to finish him off. She’ll enter into a cutscene (which won’t be spoiled) thus ending the boss fight. From here, Eivor and Sigurd set their sights on a future in England, with the spoils of Kjotve’s castle at their disposal. 

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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Next-Gen

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