How to find playtime stats on PS5


The PlayStation 5 lets players see various information about their playtime based on their personal PSN account. Here’s how to view it.

The PlayStation 5 continues Sony’s console legacy by providing its users with visually appealing and accessible UI, or User Interface. There are a lot of different widgets and symbols on the title screen, but a new owner might be a tad confused if they’re searching for a specific service.

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One of many features the PlayStation 5 provides are playtime stats that record user data on specific games. This guide will offer an explanation of how players new to the console can access this information.

Finding Playtime Statistics on the PlayStation 5 Menu

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On the home menu screen for the PlayStation 5, there are many widgets and features for players to browse, such as their library of games, their respective launch screens, and achievement progress. However, the playtime info is not shown among them. In the top right corner of the PS5 menu is the player’s profile picture. Selecting it will open several more options pertaining to their account information including online status and collected trophies. Choose profile, the second option represented by a smiley face, and continue to the next screen. While viewing the profile, proceed to the second option titled ‘Games’ to pull up the list of played games and their statistics. Alternatively, players can press the PlayStation button on their controller for another route. Doing so will let them access numerous options like audio controls, notifications, and more. On the far right of these is the player’s profile image, which will lead them to their PlayStation Network profile.

While on the ‘Games’ screen, players can scroll through each title they’ve played with their account and read a variety of information about each one. The PlayStation 5 will track when each game was last played, whether it be days, months, or years. While it may seem as if it will take a long time to see such things on a brand new console, the system has prior knowledge of games played on the PlayStation 4 thanks to data tied to the PSN account, so expect to see games played thousands of days ago. In addition, the player’s profile will reveal how many hours have been spent on each game. This is useful for players looking to find a less played PlayStation game to revisit, or parents who want to see how long their children have been playing. It will also show percentage-based progress towards achievement completion, for gamers who want to thoroughly complete each of their games.

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PlayStation 5 is available now.

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