How to Solve the Hidden Objective Chest Puzzle in Godfall


After the main missions in Godfall, use Spirit Vision to see hidden objectives. These usually lead to chests players must solve puzzles to open.

After completing each main mission in the new looter-slasher Godfall, players will be able to use their Spirit Vision ability to locate three hidden objectives. These objectives will often lead to more loot for players to collect and can yield some high-level weapons. The object of Godfall is to explore the four realms, each themed after the elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, to fight bosses, find and aid allies, and eventually face Macros’ Lieutenants on the way to confronting Macros himself. The levels are open-world but have very defined paths for players to follow. Upon completing each level, hidden objectives will appear, and players will often have to complete a mini-game or puzzle to beat the objective and earn its rewards.

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After one of the main quests in Godfall, players will come across a floating blue light. This specter hovers over a ghostly chest when viewed in Spirit Vision. If players attempt to loot the chest, several pillars will appear, having a blue, glowing connection to the chest. The chest will not open unless players break down all the pillars. If they aren’t fast enough, the pillars will rise back up, forcing players to begin again. Here’s how to solve this hidden objective pillar puzzle in Godfall and claim the hidden loot.

Solve the Hidden Objective Chest Puzzle in Godfall

A player finds a hidden objective marker in Godfall


At the end of a level, players will need to use Spirit Vision to find a hidden objective. On PC, they will need to hit G. On PlayStation 5, they will need to use the left arrow. Hidden Objective locations will glow with a red pillar of light.

Once players find the chest using Spirit Vision and interact with it the first time, several pillars will appear around it. The height of each pillar will dictate how many times the player will need to hit the pillar to push it back down and solve the puzzle.

Players will want to use their heavy attacks with a war hammer, axe, or greatsword to hit the pillars. The shortest pillars will go down in a single hit. The taller pillars will need two to three hits to become level with the ground.

Players will want to pay attention to the orange glow emanating from the chest. As the inner circle heads toward the outer circle, the glow serves as a timer. If players don’t manage to push all the pillars back down before the inner circle reaches the outer circle, all the pillars will spring back up, and players will need to start the puzzle over again.

Once all the pillars have been pushed back down in the time limit, a short fireworks display will play. The player can once again interact with the chest and loot its contents.

If players are using Godfall’s three-person co-op mode, they will be able to split any loot they find together. It may also make this puzzle easier to complete within the time limit.

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Godfall is available for PC and PlayStation 5.

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