Huge Capcom Leak Reveals Great Ace Attorney Switch Localization & More


A huge Capcom data breach reveals information for new releases, including the localization for The Great Ace Attorney, Project Guillotine, and more.

A huge Capcom leak has revealed a treasure trove of information for upcoming releases, including among other things, a Switch port of both The Great Ace Attorney and its sequel. This release of information is a result of hackers breaching Capcom’s database earlier this month.

Capcom had previously reported on a data breach on November 2. At the time, Capcom claimed that no personal information was leaked from the breach. Earlier today, though, it was revealed that the personal information of over 350,000 fans was leaked from the breach after all. As of yet, Capcom is continuing investigating the breach and working with law enforcement to do so. The release of personal information is an unfortunate thing to happen, even with the reveal of these upcoming titles.

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According to a roundup of the Capcom leaks from Twitter user pokeprotosThe Great Ace Attorney 1 + 2 will be localized in the West and released on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. It also claims that Ace Attorney 7 is in development, and that an Ace Attorney 4 – 6 collection is under consideration. There’s also notes of Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC in October 2021, along with a demo for the Switch version being released in both January and March. The leaks also states that Monster Hunter Stories 2 will also arrive on PC next year. Finally, there’s information on various new Capcom titles, the most mysterious of which being an unknown game codenamed Guillotine. The thread also notes that some of the release windows in the leak might be outdated due to being before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Great Ace Attorney was released in 2015 on the 3DS in Japan, with its sequel releasing two years later on the same system. Both games take place in the far past of the Ace Attorney timeline, with Phoenix Wright’s ancestor battling for clients during the Japanese Meiji period. The character Sherlock Holmes is also a key character in the games, and the leak suggests that he will be renamed to avoid copyright complications. Many fans wanted both of these games to be localized in the West for years, and if this leak is true, fans will finally get what they’ve been asking for since 2015. Though there remains one Ace Attorney game that has yet to be localized in the west, that being Ace Attorney Investigations 2, the sequel to Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. This does raise the hope that that game can also be localized in the future.

All in all, there’s a lot of juicy information to be gained from these leaks. The reveal of a Monster Hunter Rise demo hitting the Switch isn’t inherently surprising seeing how past Monster Hunter titles have offered demos, but the confirmation is still nice to know regardless. This leak also revealed the release date for Resident Evil Village, along with a new Resident Evil battle royale title. This leak is an unfortunate thing to happen, as having people’s personal information leaked is something that should absolutely be rectified as soon as possible. On the less harmful side of the leak, those that have been waiting for The Great Ace Attorney to arrive in the West might soon have their wishes come true.

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Source: pokeprotos/Twitter

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