Is Genshin Impact’s Paimon The Worst Character (Or The Best)


As players’ sidekick in Genshin Impact, Paimon is either the worst character in the game – or the best – depending on who you ask in the fandom.

Although it may be best known for its many playable characters and beautiful open world, Genshin Impact has also given players a memorable sidekick in Paimon. As the player’s trusty companion and guide, Genshin Impact’s Paimon can be extremely helpful. She can also be incredibly annoying, which makes her a really divisive character within the fanbase. So, is Paimon really the worst character in the game – or is she actually one of the best?

From players’ first introduction to the world of Teyvat, Paimon is always there to fill in Genshin Impact‘s plot details and explain gameplay mechanics. She serves the cutesy companion role that’s common in JRPGs like Ni No Kuni and Dragon Quest IX. She’s helpful, for sure, but she’s also much too talkative.

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Like a more annoying version of Navi in Ocarina of Time, Paimon just doesn’t know when to be quiet. She’s constantly rambling about something – usually in a very loud, childish voice – that’s sure to grate on players’ nerves after a while. It’s why so many people online have jokingly (or maybe not) called for a “Paimon Mute” feature in a future Genshin Impact update. She has the social tact of a toddler and the cockiness of a queen, a combination that can be just as endearing as it is obnoxious.

Why Players Love (And Love To Hate) Paimon

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The real problem with Paimon is that she’s much too talkative. She’s constantly inserting herself into conversations with the Knights of Favonius or the members of the Liyue Qixing like Ningguang. This is usually played for comical effect, which is why some fans absolutely adore Paimon in Genshin Impact. She’s quick with the quips, and she doesn’t take flak from anyone. She may be small, but she’s tough.

This is the real dilemma, since Genshin Impact’s Paimon is both helpful and comical while also being annoying and loud. It’s a balancing act, really. While some fans are too annoyed by her constant remarks to really enjoy the character, others look past her faults and love the slapstick gags Paimon is usually a part of. Ultimately, that’s the deciding factor for most people: does Paimon’s constant talking in Genshin Impact make her annoying or hilarious? Based on how people answer that question, it typically determines whether they love or hate the character.

With over two dozen playable characters in the game, Genshin Impact‘s most memorable character might just be one that players can’t control. Whether someone loves her or hates her, Paimon is a standout sidekick and incredibly memorable – just maybe not for completely good reasons.

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