Justice League Snyder Cut Has 2.5 Hours Of New Footage


Director Zack Snyder reveals how much new footage is in the Justice League Snyder Cut: two hours and 30 minutes of previously unseen footage.

Zack Snyder revealed how much new footage is in the Justice League Snyder Cut, which audiences will get to see when it releases. When Justice League hit theaters three years ago today, it was to the great disappointment of Snyder fans, who quickly realized the director’s exit and subsequent replacement by Joss Whedon altered his original vision for the DC film. In the years since, fans campaigned for the Justice League Snyder Cut, called for Warner Bros. and DC Films to honor release an alternate cut that stays true to Snyder’s original plan. Although Warner Bros. reiterated many times they had no plan of releasing the Snyder Cut, they reversed their decision as announced earlier this year.

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In May, Snyder and Superman actor Henry Cavill announced that the Justice League Snyder Cut will release on HBO Max in 2021, and the director has since been hard at work getting his version of the film ready. Over the summer, Snyder unveiled the Justice League Snyder Cut trailer at DC FanDome and has continued to tease what can be expected from his cut – which will be split up into multiple episodes that will release on HBO Max next year. Additionally, Snyder has filmed his own Justice League reshoots, bringing back some of the main stars, plus fellow DC Extended Universe actor Jared Leto, who played Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Now, Snyder has revealed exactly how much unseen footage is being added to his cut.

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During a Vero livestream breaking down the new Justice League Snyder Cut trailer, the director said there will be two and a half hours of new footage in his version of the DC movie. He didn’t go into any specifics about the new footage, but Snyder previously said he won’t be using any footage from Whedon’s Justice League reshoots.

Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League Snyder Cut


As such, it can be presumed that the two hours and 30 minutes of of unseen Justice League footage in the Snyder Cut will be from principal photography and from the recent reshoots. For the Snyder Cut additional photography, the director brought back some of the stars, including Ben Affleck as Batman and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Ezra Miller, who’s currently filming Fantastic Beasts 3 in London, shot some pickups on the Harry Potter franchise movie’s set. It’s not yet known what occurred in all the scenes that were filmed in the reshoots, but Snyder did hint at a Joker and Batman scene. However, it should be noted that Snyder also said the Justice League Snyder Cut reshoots are adding only five minutes of footage.

Since the Snyder Cut additional photography isn’t adding very much to the overall runtime, then the majority of the unseen footage Snyder references is from Justice League’s initial filming. It’s perhaps surprising that Snyder has so much extra footage that never made it into Whedon’s theatrical cut, but when comparing what Snyder teased about his Justice League before he exited to the movie that released in theaters, it’s clear that Whedon reshot a great deal of the movie. Additionally, considering Snyder’s movies tend toward the long side, it’s not surprising that he especially has two and a half hours of extra footage. And now those who wanted to see the director’s vision will get to do so with a huge amount of new footage in the Justice League Snyder Cut.


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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero

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Steppenwolf in Justice League Snyder Cut

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