Kate Mara Joined Iron Man 2 Because Of Hint At A Bigger Marvel Movie Role


Kate Mara accepted a tiny role in Iron Man 2 because there was a hint it could grow into something bigger, as often happens in the MCU.

Kate Mara accepted a tiny role in Iron Man 2 because she believed it could lead to something bigger. Released in 2010, Iron Man 2 served as the third installment in the MCU, which, at the time, was a tiny little thing. The sequel saw Robert Downey Jr. return as Tony Stark as he goes up against enemies Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), and the United States government, which seeks to take his Iron Man tech away. Iron Man 2 was met with mixed responses from fans and critics alike, and to this day, it’s often considered one of the weaker MCU installments.

When it comes to Mara and superhero roles, most fans will instead think of her brief stint as Sue Storm in 2015’s Fantastic Four. While there were surely plans to turn that reboot into a franchise, Fantastic Four earned scathing reviews and fumbled at the box office, thus putting an end to any future plans. Mara recently admitted her time working on Fantastic Four was a poor experience, and she’s since gone on to projects like The Martian, Megan Leavey, and the new Hulu miniseries A Teacher.

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Before all that, however, Mara had a quick cameo in Iron Man 2 as the US Marshal who gives Tony a subpoena. Her scene doesn’t even amount to a full minute, but Mara was still willing to sign on, particularly because she thought it could lead to more. In a new interview from Collider‘s Ladies Night series, Mara revealed it was hinted that her character could pop up again in the MCU, which enticed her. Plus, she was eager to work with Downey and co-star/director Jon Favreau. Mara explained:

“I had a meeting with Jon Favreau for that and they had said to me, ‘It’s a very, very small part, but it’s with Robert Downey and Jon, and it’ll be really fun. And a lot of times they bring these characters back into bigger more substantial roles.’ It wasn’t a promise, but it was definitely something that was hinted at to me. So that’s the reason why I even took the meeting was because I thought, ‘Well, if there’s a chance of it, why not spend an evening working with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau? Great. I love them both. They’re amazing. It’ll be a good experience.’ And that’s exactly what it ended up being. It ended up being nothing more than that, but it really was fun. And we were shooting until like four in the morning. But yeah, it’s a weird cameo that turned into really nothing. But I don’t mind!”

Kate Mara in Iron Man 2


It’s true that when it comes to the MCU, any character could be called upon to return. Even those who fans might least expect have a way of returning in some form, such as Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) in last year’s Avengers: Endgame and wise-cracking Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) in WandaVision. Granted, all of those characters had larger parts than Mara’s subpoena-wielding US Marshal, but seeing as Mara, an established actress, was the person playing her, it would’ve made sense for Marvel to bring her back somehow.

Currently, it seems unlikely Mara will find herself back in the MCU as the US Marshal, and she sounds okay with that. Her hypothetical return could be a fun Iron Man 2 Easter egg for fans if Marvel ever chose to incorporate her, but it seems more probable that Mara would be given an entirely new character altogether. It’s happened before, with the most recent example being Gemma Chan moving from Captain Marvel to next year’s Eternals. However, seeing as she didn’t have a great time with Fantastic Four, perhaps Mara’s time in the superhero world is over. Only time will tell.

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Source: Collider

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