Lisa Rinna’s 10 Best Quotes


A total fan-favorite cast member of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna always has something fabulous to say on the reality show.

Lisa Rinna joined Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the fifth season after being a guest in season 4. Signing Rinna to the cast was a big deal because everyone knows Lisa Rinna for her iconic lips and hair. (Oh, and her acting roles.)

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Rinna is a major force in the Housewives world and is still a castmate on RHOBH. Due to her epic one-liners and super confidence, Rinna makes the perfect housewife. She’s not afraid to stir the pot and always has something to say. Is she the most quotable housewife of her series?

10 “Why Am I Here? I’m More Fabulous Than This.”

lisa rinna being fabulous - rhobh


Lisa Rinna may be one of the many queens in the Los Angeles area but she originally hails from Medford, Oregon. Likewise, her co-star Garcelle Beauvais also came from a small town and thrived in the big city.

In one episode, Rinna went back to her hometown to say goodbye to her childhood home. When talking about being from a small town, Rinna admitted that she was a city gal who always felt like she was “more fabulous” than where she grew up. And even though she does not miss Medford, she does miss her mother who still lives there.

9 “It’s So Fun Being An Observer Of This Petty Bulls***.”

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Even though the cast members of RHOBH are all in their forties and older, the drama never ends. In one episode, the women go around the table and get things off their chest before moving on to a clean slate. Dorit spoke up about having issues with Kyle and to make matters worse, Lisa Vanderpump backed Dorit up.

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Considering LVP and Kyle were best friends at this point, tensions were high. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna was all of us and said she loved being an “observer” of the petty arguments that went on around her. Especially with her not being involved.

8 “I’m Going To Hell. Straight To It.”

lisa rinna quote going to hell - rhobh

What makes Lisa Rinna an iconic housewife is that she truly doesn’t care what others think of her. She is who she is and she knows that she has to show it all on reality television. She never tries to tiptoe around a situation.

Unsurprisingly, this can cause issues with some of the women. It can be difficult being friends with someone who is always on and speaks her mind. Viewers, on the other hand, love it. Lisa is a brilliant and masterful character for the franchise.

7 “You’ll Never Go Near My Husband.”

dont go near the husband - lisa rinna - rhobh

The Amsterdam trip was one of the most explosive vacations in Real Housewives history. The women were at a lovely restaurant, but the dinner conversation was anything but. It started with Eileen and Kim going head to head in an argument, but once Lisa Rinna got involved, Kim was not having it.

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Kim said “Let’s talk about the husband,” and that was enough for Rinna to break a wine glass, lunge for Kim’s throat, and scream that she’d never go near her husband. It was an epic fight in Housewives history that is replayed time and time again.

6 “I Don’t Have Time For A Whole Lot Of Bulls*** Right Now.”

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Lisa Rinna is a busy woman. When she’s not chasing around her two daughters or her husband Harry Hamlin, she’s shooting for Bravo, doing soap operas, and dancing on Instagram. She has no time to take the backseat or get involved with drama that’s going to weigh her down.

Luckily for Rinna, she has close friends in the series who have her back when the drama does arise. The always fashionable and theatrical Erika Jayne is one of Rinna’s best friends. The two have a ton in common and Lisa even dressed as her for Halloween one year.

5 “Own It, Baby!”

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Every RHOBH fan can read “Own it, baby” in Rinna’s voice. This three-word command may as well be her slogan. When the women are lying about something or hiding a secret because cameras are around, Rinna doesn’t take it mildly. She’s also on the reality TV series and has promised to show her life in full transparency. If she’s the only one doing it, then it’s not really reality television.

This is exactly why former housewives Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof couldn’t last on RHOBH; they weren’t sharing every aspect of their lives for the show.

4 “We Should Have Ditched This Whole Effort And Gone Shopping.”


In season 6 of RHOBH, Rinna and Vanderpump take a private plane to a small town in Ohio where they’re about to meet a small pony that Lisa wants to buy and bring back to Beverly Hills. The pony was a birthday gift for Ken.

With Rinna being from a small town, she was the perfect girl to go on an adventure with. But fans know Rinna loves to shop. Sadly, the two women left the farm horseless but Rinna brought a stick horse with her to Ken’s party for some good old fashion fun.

3 “I Never Pass Up A Piece Of Cake.”

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Lisa Rinna’s slender frame has been the topic of conversation for as long as she’s been in the spotlight. People have constantly questioned her on whether she’s had an eating disorder or problems with food, but Rinna cites her genes.

Knowing she’s a healthy woman who loves to workout and eats well, her comments about food throughout the series are hilarious. She once said she loves to have a good hot dog “once or twice a year.” And as we know, she’ll never pass up a piece of cake. If Rinna was a part of the show in season 2, it would have been iconic to see her react to the food at Dana Wilkey’s iconic game night.

2 “I’m Like A Cockroach. You Can’t Get Rid Of Me.”

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If fans love Lisa Rinna in season 10, they should go back and watch her earlier seasons. In season 6, Rianna was doing a “where are they now” interview with Oprah Winfrey. Both Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson admitted that Rinna was a hustler who’s always working and trying to keep her career going strong. Rinna agreed and referred to herself as a cockroach because she’s not going anywhere!

1 “This Mouth Has Gotten Me In So Much Trouble.”

lisa rinnas mouth - rhobh

Lisa Rinna has been in the spotlight since the ’80s. She made it big on Melrose Place and Days of Our Lives but what she’s more known for than her career is her look. Lisa Rinna has not aged in over 30 years. She’s had the same figure, same hairstyle, and same iconic lips. When Rinna wants to spice it up for an event or party, she’ll wear a wig but the one thing that never changes is that mouth and the fabulous things it says.

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