Marvel Confirms The Location of Their Most Infamous Country


A map in Marvel’s Savage Avengers comic gives a definitive location for Doctor Doom’s home nation of Latveria. Does this herald an MCU appearance?

Latveria is one of the mightiest nations in Marvel lore – the province of the tyrannical Doctor Doom, present on the world stage to the same degree as nations like America, Wakanda, and Krakoa. Now, after decades of hand-waving and numerous retcons, it looks like with Savage Avengers, Marvel are finally ready to reveal the actual location of Latveria on Marvel’s Earth.

Since being establishment in 1962’s The Fantastic Four #5, the tiny country of Latveria has long been a thorn in the side of Marvel’s heroes. While Doctor Doom has used the nation as his base of operations throughout comics history, other rulers have been equally as dangerous, with Lucia von Bardas launching a terrorist attack on US soil in 2003’s Secret War. Even when Doom isn’t specifically targeting other countries, he uses Latveria for his own ends, having offered a home to both the Inhumans and the Asgardian gods in the hope of stealing some of their power for his own. And as the ruler of his own country, no defeat can last long, as Dr. Doom can always easily traipse back to Castle Doom, located in the heart of Latveria’s capital, Doomstadt. Snug in his diplomatic immunity, Doom can polish his armor and plan his next attack on Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four.

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For the longest time, Latveria was described as simply a Southeastern European country. Borrowing heavily from the Transylvanian images of Gothic castles, Latveria evoked the idea of a populace struggling with semi-Medieval conditions. Over the decades, the exact location of Latveria has shifted from place to place, yet still remained in the south-east of Europe. But after being bounced from between Romania and Transylvania in one story to sharing borders with Serbia and Hungary in another, Marvel has finally put a more specific pin on its globe. While it’s not an exact latitude and longitude, the map of Conan’s journey provided in Savage Avengers #14 is still a much clearer commitment to where you can actually find Latveria.

Conan's Journey Savage Avengers


Latveria is shown located in the Banat region, a historical border right between Central and Eastern Europe. With Hungary to the North, Romania to the East, Serbia and Bulgaria to the South, and Croatia to the West. Latveria is also surrounded by the Carpathian mountains, a real range of mountains that arc through both Central and Eastern Europe about 932 miles long, making them the third longest mountain range in Europe. Latveria also officially shares a border with the not-so-real country of Symkaria, home to Silver Sable – a nation against which Doom has plotted many times, and which fans may know from its recent inclusion in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

This fixed location for Latveria grounds the nation more fully in readers’ understanding of the real world, suggesting realistic political tensions and even geographical factors which can play into future stories. While this may sound minor, such issues tend to blossom over time. For example, Wakanda’s actual geographical placement ultimately raised questions about why it had never helped neighboring countries, sowing the seeds for themes that dominated the eventual theatrical adaptation Black Panther. So, why has Marvel decided to give a more fixed location to Latveria? It’s a good question, and one possible answer is that Marvel are gearing up to include Doctor Doom in the MCU, and no longer feel the need to obfuscate a fact they’ve finally been forced to pin down. Either way, the next time another swarm of Doombots attack the Baxter Building, readers will have a much more concrete idea of where they’re coming from.

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