Microsoft Won’t Say How Much Xbox Series X/S First-Party Games Cost


Microsoft continues to avoid answering an important question about Xbox Series X/S first-party game costs, leading speculation of increased prices.

Another chance to clarify Xbox Series X/S first-party game prices has come and gone, and Xbox CFO Tim Stuart continued the trend of Microsoft remaining vague about what prices consumers can expect when a first-party title finally launches for the console. Xbox Series X/S are out now and fans are finally getting to go hands on with current-gen technology, but there’s a distinct lack of excitement regarding the games available, with both Microsoft and Sony failing to put out a must-own game alongside their launch products.

It’s especially problematic for Xbox Series X/S since it made a pretty big commitment to fans when it revealed Halo Infinite would be a launch title, only to have that game delayed after an extremely poor gameplay demo met with critical reception from fans. Now, Halo: Infinite is tagged to arrive sometime in 2021, missing not just the launch window but the holiday season – and that was Microsoft’s flagship offering for its current-gen console, which has left the platform in a lurch in the interim. Luckily, it’s not like Sony is doing much better, with only Demon’s Souls arriving during the PS5 launch, though that title has been met with rave reviews.

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One benefit to Microsoft’s lack of Xbox Series X/S first-party launch titles has been the company’s ability to remain vague about what Xbox game prices will be. When given a chance to clarify during a recent conference transcribed by Seeking Alpha, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart once again preached patience, stating that that the company is “not making specific announcements on first-party pricing yet.” He also later expanded, stating that “the last time there was a price increase was, what, 7 or years ago or something. So time value of money says, says it’s about time anyway.” While Stuart doesn’t speak for the Xbox brand as a whole, it certainly sounds like Xbox Series X/S first-party game prices will increase when the time finally comes to make the announcement.

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Truthfully, it would be a bigger surprise if Xbox announced that Xbox Series X/S first-party game prices were staying the same as last generation’s games. PS5 game prices have already risen, and it doesn’t seem likely that Microsoft will do anything but the same. If the company was going to drop prices or keep them at Xbox One levels, an announcement likely would have been made ages ago – undercutting Sony on something that, over years, would save consumers hundreds of dollars would be a big opportunity.

It’s safe to assume, then, that Xbox Series X/S first-party game prices will be rising to meet industry standards set by competitors like Sony and publishers like Take-Two and Activision. Anything but will be a surprise, but given the fact that Microsoft continues to refuse to commit to a price point yet, it at least keeps the door open for that kind of shocking announcement – but consumers should make sure not to get their hopes up.

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Source: Seeking Alpha

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