New Image Of Steppenwolf’s BVS Design In Snyder Cut


Justice League villain Steppenwolf takes on his original design from Batman v Superman in this new image from Zack Snyder’s cut of the film.

Steppenwolf gets depicted in his Batman v Superman design in this new image from the Justice League Snyder Cut. For years now, fans have heard a great deal about director Zack Snyder’s original plans for Justice League, which were heavily altered in reshoots by Joss Whedon. Now that the Snyder Cut is actually going to be released next year on HBO Max, each new piece of information about the project comes with the promise that fans will actually get to see it come to life. In honor of Justice League‘s third anniversary, Snyder is sharing a slew of new teases about the highly-anticipated film/miniseries.

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The theatrical cut of Justice League saw Steppenwolf become the main villain, though Snyder’s original intention was to have Darkseid act as the overarching antagonist. Nevertheless, Steppenwolf was always intended to factor into Justice League, and Snyder even contemplated featuring him in 2016’s Batman v Superman in an extra scene with Lex Luthor. Fans got a glimpse of Steppenwolf’s Snyder-approved look in the BvS deleted scene, but Whedon’s Justice League ended up giving him a far different design.

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This time around, fans will get to see Steppenwolf as Snyder always intended him to look. Snyder shared an image of Steppenwolf from his cut of Justice League to his Vero account on Tuesday, and from the sharp spikes covering his armor, it’s clear he matches up with the look from Batman v Superman. Check it out down below.

Zack Snyder Steppenwolf Justice League BvS design


This Steppenwolf design further highlights what many already know about this new Justice League: It’s exactly what Snyder wanted from his movie. While the director saw his artistic vision stripped away with the theatrical Justice League, he can now make the cut he always intended to make. Steppenwolf’s role in the Snyder Cut will likely be different than the previous film because of Darkseid’s presence and the presumed exploration of his backstory, and clearly the changes have already begun with his appearance.

Steppenwolf is just one of the many characters who will be altered within the Justice League Snyder Cut, as many members of the titular team will also receive new arcs this time around. Fans are especially excited to see how the Snyder Cut handles Cyborg and Superman, and it’s only a matter of time until it is released on HBO Max. While there isn’t an official date just yet, Justice League is slated for release sometime next year. Then, all of Snyder’s original plans will be revealed, and fans can decide whether they live up to expectations.

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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero

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