Pokémon GO’s Shiny Meltan Returns For A Limited Time


Pokémon GO is unlocking Shiny Meltan for a limited time to celebrate the connectivity update with Pokémon HOME, but he won’t be around long.

To celebrate the connectivity update between Pokémon GO and Pokémon HOME, Niantic is bringing back the elusive Shiny Meltan for a limited time. Meltan is one of the rarest obtainable Shiny Pokémon, and Pokémon GO players will have another crack at obtaining one of their own in the coming days.

Meltan is a Mythical Pokémon that is the only creature to make its debut inside Pokémon GO, and the only one available exclusively through the mobile game. Finding one requires players to use a Mystery Box, which can only be obtained if players transfer Pokémon to their Switch using Pokémon HOME or Pokémon Let’s GO. Meltan is also special because it is the only Pokémon that is semi-Shiny locked. Every now and then, Niantic will randomly announce a window of time in which Meltan has the possibility to appear Shiny.

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Now is the time that trainers have been waiting for, as the official Pokémon GO Twitter account has announced a celebratory event that will unlock Shiny Meltan for a limited time. This event will start on Tuesday, November 16, and will end on November 23. This gives players eight days to find Shiny Meltan by using Mystery Boxes. However, Mystery Boxes can only be used every three days. This means players will only be able to use three Mystery Boxes during the event. Niantic also stated that after the event, Shiny Meltan will go back into hiding until the next Shiny event.

The event also features a bunch of perks including new spawn rotations and different Pokémon appearing in eggs. Pokémon GO will also be adding the Shiny version of Slowpoke to the game, allowing players to Shiny hunt it for the first time since the game’s release. Unlike Meltan, Slowpoke’s Shiny form won’t leave the game after the event. Slowpoke will also appear more frequently in the wild, making it a little easier for players to find and catch. Players can also grab some Melmetal gear for their in-game avatar during this event.

Meltan is definitely a Pokémon that players who aren’t regular players of Pokémon GO should definitely pick up their phones to hunt. He is not only extremely rare due to the requirements for capturing him, but Melmetal is a beast on the battlefield. As the only creature native to Pokémon GO, Shiny Meltan would make an extra-special capture for any trainer’s collection.

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