PS5 Custom Vinyl Wrap Looks Amazing (But You Have To Do It Yourself)


A new YouTube video showcases a PS5 with a custom vinyl wrap that makes the console look multicolored compared to the standard white design.

As people get their hands on their own PlayStation 5, some may find the standard design too boring and want to customize it themselves, like one player who recently showed off a stylish vinyl wrapping for their console. While there isn’t much room for a custom design with the base console, the re-attachable white plates give room for people to customize their PS5 as they please. This is especially important since Sony has not announced color alternatives, and third-party customization kits have yet to arrive.

This was not the first time someone had the idea to customize their PS5 either. Before the PS5 even released, a custom faceplate seller offered unique designs for the PlayStation that took advantage of these plates. However, Sony was quick to respond and threatened legal action if all sales weren’t canceled. This disappointed a lot of people, as interest was generated around these customizations that Sony did not offer. While purchasing custom faceplates is no longer an option, owners of the PS5 could take an alternate route and design the console themselves.

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YouTube gaffy h showcased a PS5 with custom vinyl wrapping, giving it a unique and colorful aesthetic. Using the console’s attachable plates, anyone could take them off and wrap it to give their PS5 this awesome new design. The wrapping makes the plates look multicolored, which people may find a lot more interesting than the standard white design. The design of the PS5 makes it difficult for retailers to offer do-at-yourself kits that will actually deliver good results, but it’s clear that there are some options for player who are willing and able to take matters into their own hands.

Neither the PS5 or the Xbox Series X/S has stepped forward to offer official customization yet, but other companies have tried to fill the gap. Dbrand was on track to deliver kits to turn the PS5 black, but recently cancelled all of its orders after finding that the results weren’t to its liking. On the other hand, the company says that it’s still moving forward with its Xbox Series X wraps. That could be bad news for PS5 fans, unless another company finds a way to get around the problems that Dbrand found.

The video gaffy h shared just goes to show how much room the PS5 has to look awesome. The console is nowhere near perfect and even has been reported to have some major problems with its hardware since its release. While that’s obviously a more pressing concern, Sony still has room to make the PlayStation 5 look better while it works on getting it running better.

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Source: gaffy h/YouTube


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